On Second Thought, My Job Lost Me

I went in to get my last paycheck today. This is part of what I found posted on the bulletin board:

“Another associate was also discharged, I won’t state reasons. I will say every associate in every store must choose every day whether they want to be part of the solution or part of the problem… Now for those who choose to be part of the solution and come to work doing their best everyday, they can stay here as long as they want and we are thankful to have them! Sure people trying hard make mistakes and we can work with that provided they are mature enough to own up to their mistakes and to learn from them…”

The most ridiculous aspect of this memo is that the supervisors and owners of my previous place of work never owned up to their mistakes, even after driving some of their best workers away on multiple occasions. This company has a history of harassing its employees and blatantly covers their misconduct, pretending their workers are the problem. In reality, the problem is with the owners. I don’t call slashing employee meal benefits and berating workers when they make simple mistakes being part of a very good solution. Their only solution is to shut up all unsatisfied and severely underpaid workers to make an extra couple of dollars. I simply tried to call in sick as to not infect my customers but they would rather send me to be unemployed with my fiance (who has been jobless for ever five months) I don’t see how a person with a heart or a company in our community with a conscious could do such a thing. Oh, by the way, their food is processed and mostly frozen anyway, fresh bread my ass!

2 thoughts on “On Second Thought, My Job Lost Me

  1. They fired you for calling in sick?

    They can’t do that, unless you have had SO many “sick” days as for it to be a problem (and a warning issued).



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