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I planted these little babies a few weeks ago and they are really coming along. I’ve already transplanted a few and I just found two more large pots to keep my tomato sprouts in. With luck, I will have tasty snacks in a few months! ::tummy rumble:: I will try to update you on them […]

We had an old school recording session the other day on this nifty Panasonic tape recorder while waiting to get ProTools up and working. These shall be the B-sides of the Beat-Less. We are, after all, BEAT-LESS STUDIOS! I am the sometimes singer, drummer, videographer, and lyricist of a band which is yet to be […]

Saw this comment on a White Stripes video and fell in love with it… What bands have you lost? They can live on forever as long as we are still listening :)

I used three strands of green and blue shades of yarn and used the twisted knit stitch to create this short scarf. I ran out of yarn so I secured it with a button and I really like the results. I added a fringe edge by tying, knotting and cutting bits of yarn at each […]

I’m compiling footage from YouTube for a documentary. So far I’m only using news clips and prescription drug advertisements and bits from other good documentaries. I may record original footage to include… the ideas sort of sprang from looking up clips on the internet. I’m also interested in the possibilities of a YouTube/Windows Movie Maker […]

I am currently uploading a video of my baby boy! I want to help other kitties I know find good homes. I am working on a second video for them as well. This is footage from Trouble’s litter up until just a few days ago. He was lucky to find a girl like me to […]

I am geeking out and watching a million White Stripes videos on YouTube. I am formulating a definitive list of must-listens since they split last month :( I will always be a huge fan… I have loved them since the early 2000s and I still am able to find things of theirs I’ve never heard. […]

We will be back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled blog already in progress!!

Hippy Hippity!! I’m now a paid unemployed writer, my dream come true! My employer didn’t fight my unemployment claim so barring any crazy circumstances I should get paid very soon! I will continue my knitting and daily writing in addition to my job hunting and house cleaning duties. I was very nervous for my fact […]

Is there such a place? I hope not, I love my Mr. Troubles!

What the hell I’m a huge John C. Reilly fan! Not to mention it had a pretty awesome cast, Marky Mark Wahlberg? LOL. Wow, this blog isn’t punctuated the best, huh guys? I’m just acting weird because I’m pondering 2011 and how everyone thinks it’s the end of the world. I don’t believe them but […]

Thought I knew you but if I leave ya lonely, I gotta move. Leave ya truth: Never thought I knew you. Never thought I showed you: these insides… Keep em’. Turn, leave, pack, go. Take a left at sunset. Cast a line of gold that you snapped from my heart strings. It thumps back to […]


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