Sweet Sloppy Joes

We got some rolls and venison from the food bank so I started thinking of things to make. I used the garlic bread we got to make pasta the other day and I wanted something a bit different. I used a green and orange pepper (also from the food bank) and dried onion flakes because we were out of real ones.

After browning about a pound of venison with garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, chives, diced orange and green pepper, dried onion flakes, a bit of water (to de-glaze the pot/pan) I add ketchup, mustard and brown sugar to taste/consistency. Most recipes call for dried mustard but yellow mustard worked fine as I couldn’t locate mine in my messy spice cupboard. The meat does tend to set up a bit as it cooks. Be careful not to overcook if using venison and any ground meat (beef, turkey) will work fine just be sure to drain/rinse the meat if it is too greasy.

One thought on “Sweet Sloppy Joes

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