Why You Don’t Outstrange Strangers, Anymore

I am working on a new poetry compilation for the springtime… in the meantime I figured I might share what I have been so freaking busy doing lately since I recently became unemployed. I don’t do much except clean my place and listen to music on YouTube. In the last year I lost my cat and my favorite band, not to mention my sweet ass ride. I have a loaner ride and a new spoiled Siamese kitty and oodles of White Stripes videos on my computer but still something seems missing. I rarely blog like I used to. I used to share every stupid thought that would come across my brain. I am constantly thinking now but not constantly jotting it down. I need to do a better job of keeping journals away from my desk because I do different things on paper than on a keyboard. The same is true of my typewriters which I need to spruce up and start using again as well. I don’t have much of a point with this post at the moment but I’m on the border of a good idea. I can feel it in my fingers.

Let me just waste a little time. I need to get inspired.

Speaking of wasting my time… though I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time, here is an early live video of The White Stripes playing Wasting My Time you must watch it is truly amazing:

For any Office fans out there I stumbled upon this gem the other day. You might recognize Creed from his early days in a band called The Grass Roots. They are pretty good! Here they are playing Let’s Live For Today:

I have been obsessed with Queens of the Stone Age/Dean Fertita as of late… I will be posting a song from his debut single album a little later in this post I’m sure… Here is a song that won’t get the heck out of my head, Make It Wit Chu:

Looking for something you might not have heard of? Have you heard The Raveonettes? This is a great song and video, very addictive! It is called The Last Dance:

Remember when I promised you a new song from the talented and handsome Dean Fertita? Well, it is time to make a decision, ah hell I’m going to post them both. Watch them both. Dean will be happy and that will make me happy! I am serious, I saw this guy play live (in The Dead Weather) and if I ever get a chance to see Hello=Fire (solo) or Queens of the Stone Age OR yet another Dead Weather show, I will freaking be there! Dean can play multiple instruments and with a little help from his friends (including Brendan Benson) his first album rocks :D

Nature of Our Minds:

Certain Circles: (amazing, just found this today!)

Well I think that’s it for now kiddies. I should get back to doing something constructive instead of wasting all our time. But what the fuck, it’s our time to waste or use as we please. For me, music listening has always been a groovy use of time ;)


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