A Clash of Creative Mediums & Minds

I might have been a little naughty yesterday and forgot to blog. Since it is only a few after midnight I thought I would get my apology in just over the wire and make a place for what is hopefully going to be the most awesome blog post ever for it must fill the shoes of TWO amazing posts. It is the Ides of March… could be a very interesting day…

I got a nifty knitter. I kind of got distracted while learning how to use it and thus forgot to blog before midnight. I came into my room looked at the clock on my computer and turned back into a freaking pumpkin. However, I should be able to make quite a few items so I think missing my second blog post of the year wasn’t a total waste.

I will post a picture of my first hat once it is completed. I think I may yet have time tonight! I’m somewhat of a night owl if you couldn’t tell from the times I usually post. Now that I’m unemployed, fuck that, self-employed, I make my own damn hours! It is my blog after all… and are any of you really listening anyway?

I’m sure a few of you might be, at least part of the time. That’s good enough for me. I’m not a demanding blogger, I’m really not.

Maybe Mondays can be MAKE IT MONDAY. Sorry if a zillion and one of you clever bloggers have already coined that day theme. I could tweak it a bit. Give us a week to think and we shall get back to you. Damn multiple personalities cropping in again. Doesn’t anyone besides me know when to shut the hell up? Guess we don’t because we are going to keep going.

I’m in the mood to play a good video game. I’m thinking Katamari. I fucking ♥ Katamari. Maybe a few rounds of Dr. Robotnix Mean Bean Machine or Wii darts! I am so lame a gamer but I don’t care. I will take Link to the Past over Halo any fucking day.

Ho hum, I’m hungry and the Twix on my desk is calling out to me. It feels so far away. Maybe it’s because I am focusing on the word MARS. Weird, we just watched the BULLSHIT episode about NASA earlier today. I love having the most random days now.

I’m afraid that I might not get unemployment but I’m willing to fight for it. As a back up, in case no one is hiring right away, I thought learning to make things to sell would be a fun way to earn extra cash. If anyone is interested in funding my writing by buying a product (when I get proficient enough) or even giving advice, (I actually like getting advice) I’m willing to accept whatever you want to give :)

I feel like I have the time to listen more now and while the days do seem to blend together they also seem full and productive. It is always nice to have time to think. Time to rearrange your furniture, dust the back of your bookshelves and find a lot of things your cat batted around that you thought were lost forever.

I always knew time was critical to writing and never felt I had enough of it. I feel more free in my body as well, I don’t ache from pushing myself too hard for someone else’s benefit. When I work hard I know it and I can take pride in the things I’ve done to support myself. Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. My mood has improved, my house is cleaner, my writing is skyrocketing and my photography can finally blossom again soon with Spring approaching.

Nowadays I just go for it. I don’t try to censor myself. That isn’t to say that I blab all my secrets. I’m an editor. I have a scathing eye by nature. I like to think it can also detect the slightest sliver of sunshine on the murkiest day. Yes, I cut the bad but I also marvel at perfection. My fingers work faster than my brain can process it. It happens before my eyes, an internal sense of timing guides my hand over the cut. I measure twice, cut once. I like to try it with different music, at different speeds, different angles. Sometimes I chose to leave some parts out, other times I can leave it uncensored. Good film making is like sex: some people do it fast, others take it slow, some people call it making love others just wanna fuck.

Which am I? I’d like to think I’m adventurous. Experimental if you will. In poetry, photography, film making or pretty much any other thing I’m interested in: I like to try new things, experiment with different styles and formats and not everything works out in the end. The important thing is that I keep trying and learning. I’ve had a few lovers and made a few more movies. I have fallen in love with each one in a way. I miss some and have lost some but once they are done, they’re done. Leave it to a chick to romanticize film making, boo-fucking-hoo. At least I mean everything I say. At least when I’m in this kind of mood. You can tell because I seem to be ranting now. Why is it so much easier to burden computers with all these thoughts?

Maybe it is the only way I can organize my thoughts in a way that makes any sense to anyone whatsoever. I swear I will not forget to post again… at least not for another few months :) My punishment was to write a blog post brilliant enough for the 14th as well as the 15th of March. How did I do? Are you going to make me do makeups? I already made up MAKE IT MONDAY. OK, my homework will be making over my maybe Monday theme idea that I probably stole from somewhere else subconsciously… I will research that train of thought and get back to you… in the morning… once I have demolished this candy bar and knitted me a fancy hat!

Check back shortly because I feel a baking and knitting fest in the makings :D


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