How Have I Never Seen Boogie Nights? (and Other Quandries from an Unemployed Brain)

What the hell I’m a huge John C. Reilly fan! Not to mention it had a pretty awesome cast, Marky Mark Wahlberg? LOL. Wow, this blog isn’t punctuated the best, huh guys?

I’m just acting weird because I’m pondering 2011 and how everyone thinks it’s the end of the world. I don’t believe them but I do tend to believe in self-fulfilling prophesies, so there ya go. What the mind can make up the hand can carry out. I’m not too worried, I am, however, growing a vegetable garden (which has more to do with outbreaks of bacteria and contamination in the food supply due to natural disasters (I.E. radioactivity in spinach and milk from Japan, oil and dispersant in seafood from the gulf coast, Ecol i in lettuce and tomatoes in North America and who knows what next.)

I’m not an overly paranoid person. I don’t buy bottled water because it’s dumb, bad for the planet, and just tastes bad. I want to live a more Earth-friendly lifestyle so I’m making things myself. It never hurts to be more self-reliant and it is an ever growing process. This all may seem to have little or nothing to do with losing my Boogie Nights virginity but let me have another paragraph, I’ll try to get to the point!

Ha, I tricked you I am just buying time so I can make up a point as I go along. That is kind of the point! (see there it goes!) There are so many things I want to experience but there are also things I can never experience, like seeing The Beatles or The White Stripes play live. I saw The Dead Weather instead, or I watch recordings from the past using technology. I still feel connected to them in ways. I feel the energy of their performances, decades later. We have the unique ability to access history through popular culture via technologies like the internet. We can study different times by renting movies like Boogie Nights to see a snapshot of time. Movies of this nature are very interesting because they capture a span of time in the past but are made much later. (I.E. 1970s plot but made in the 1990s.) Keeping this in mind can tell us things about BOTH time periods. Jokes are more ironic and faces are more familiar when decades of work and references are added to the film’s interpretation.

I don’t just watch movies anymore but I’m not a critic, either. I watch films like an editor or writer watches them. If I lose myself in a character, plot or scene I know someone did a damn good job but mostly I have a different appreciation for films. I don’t have to personally like something in order for me to consider it a classic or, at least, influential. My favorite films might seem trite to you or I might bash something you love dearly but if someone is willing to put up a decent argument I’m willing to hear it.

If you want to know my opinion about movies like Twilight, 300, or Sweet Home Alabama, trust me, you really don’t! The point is, I won’t pick on something unless I feel I have fair reason and a right to do so. I don’t like saying things just to piss people off. I want to turn them on to awesome films and music, not turn them off with a close-minded attitude or because I can’t keep my mouth shut about how much I hate Glee. I have to keep my mouth shut because I’ve never even seen Glee. I’ve never seen that or Jersey Shore or My Super Sweet Drug Addicted Teen Mom or whatever else they play on MTV these days.

I still remember a time before the internet and YouTube ::scream:: and while I love technology dearly I think we are over saturated with it. I really only listen to music on YouTube at my computer and I don’t own a smart phone, ipod or any other portable entertainment gadget. I simply have to much to do: thinking, writing, drawing, knitting, playing with my Siamese cat, looking out a window, walking or napping. When I’m at my computer I’m a very guilty multitask-er but I know when to shut things down for the night or longer when fatigue sets in.

There are so many amazing things about being alive that it makes what we do with our time very special. I take a lot of time for music, art and writing because that’s how I understand and project my existence. My thoughts are no more special than yours but I have taken the time to write many of them down. I hope you can agree with some of them and I hope they continue to grow more informed and interesting for others to read.

As a film artist and enthusiast I take great pleasure in all visual mediums and love interpretations be they of films, poems, books or paintings. I will admit Boogie Nights was dated but it was still a pretty good movie. I don’t think I caught the very beginning but that’s not important. Seeing something I heard about so many times made me curious about what else I might be missing out on. I feel life is the combined effect of moments and experiences that correspond with other living things in space over time. It’s a fairly simple equation with almost endless outcomes and opportunities.

My life could have been different with the alteration of one tiny detail. Any detail it seems. I don’t see chaos as simple randomness anymore. An avalanche seems random but it was built over time… nature tends to cascade after a very slow trickle. Early in our lives we accumulate bright shiny things but with age we collect more and more dust. One decision informs many others that follow and we can get stuck in our path, stuck in our cold, lonely snowball.

Every once in a while, though, we are thrown hard, either to the ground or against something else and we explode. Humans are mostly water and I believe our life cycle closely resembles that of water. We take many different forms by changing ourselves within our various lifetimes. We transform most rapidly at the beginning of our lives and after our deaths. The best thing is that decomposition perpetuates life and our basic energy can never be destroyed.

I may only exist for a short time in this world and these words may only be readable and accessible for a time until technology too begins to decay. Humanity longs to build monuments that cannot be lost. Testaments to overall human achievement and in pursuit of personal vanity. We have discovered ruins from past civilizations that tell us our ultimate future. Life goes in cycles, it flourishes and then it dies out. In Earth’s case it seems to keep coming back and that gives me comfort. I’m not egotistical enough to think that humans must always exist here as we currently are but I’m also not rooting for the destruction of our species.

All I’m saying is that we can’t experience what we don’t know is out there. If I’m able to pass by perfectly interesting things I’ve heard of how can I possibly know I’m not missing out on the one thing that could make my life complete? I know I’m not because the thing that makes my life complete is the never ending pursuit of knowledge and the practice and perfection of disciplines that spark my interest along the way.

What’s next for this film-writer-artist-photographer? I’ve always wanted to do music. I love it so passionately but I thought I could never make it perfectly. Now, I understand that perfection can only come from passion combined with hard work and talent. In fact, perfection doesn’t exist in one form, it’s different for every single person. How perfect is that?

So whether you’re a musician, porn star, believer or businessman you have to figure out how to make sense of your own existence. You have to find or make that perfect film, song, company, idea, religion or poem for yourself. As for me, I’m a weirdo and I like to compare life to snowballs and talk about Boogie Nights in a blog about some hard hitting questions. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose…


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