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BLASTEDGOAT here, thought I would dust off and post this rough edit of my first long-ish documentary. So far I’m gathering sources, learning how to put things together and most importantly citing sources so you can access unedited information as much as is possible, warranted and wanted. Below, I’ve detailed sources I remember and can […]

I got these photos from the Library of Congress website.

These droplets remained after watering the other day. I love the effect of water on leaves or anything that grows. I will be sure to keep you updated on my plants… Unfortunately, the weather has taken a short turn for the worse but I think it should get better soon. We need some sunshine!!

Last April


Songs, facts, making fun of a girl’s name, fighting with a friend who would later become my enemy, insulting a person of a different race in self-defense, my last memory of Alex Lemons, a boy who got brain cancer and died when we were twelve, the “Pocahontas” incident at the talent show, not getting the […]

You may have noticed my absence the other day… as in yesterday… as in the twentieth of April, 2011. I know, I know, I’ve already missed a few days this year (damn me) but I am still doing pretty good. I just wanted to congratulate you if you noticed my brief pause… My power went […]

Spring Snow


The snow actually stuck around for a while today… brr! At least it waited until after my birthday and it should be gone soon. I was able to get a few cool shots so not a shabby day but I also didn’t want to stay out there too long!

Growing Update!


It’s almost time to transplant the counter-top garden outside… at least part of it. Tomatoes will find bigger pots with soil waiting but, some herbs are staying right on my windowsill where they can be picked & added last minute, easily! I’m also thinking of planting garlic and onion… might not be the right time […]

Once you’ve left it’s never the same again. I lived by these tracks for years and now I only cross them when I go out of my way to do so. This is our old place, I used to call it the “barn house.” When we moved in the top story was a different color […]


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