April Fool?

I already posted today but wanted to wish everyone a happy April fool’s! I happen to be quite fond of fools, especially those that like to stand on or around hills! So far, I haven’t heard of any great pranks but the internet is laden with dumb fake news articles. I was somewhat optimistic for the Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911 on YouTube until that irritating talking orange was in it. “Buggy Intruder” was funny in its idea if not its execution and the cat was adorable but, really? Why not actually do something worth while and use the web for more than idle amusement. I’m a big fan of history and use YouTube as a resource for finding historical or retro videos and pictures but I sometimes wish for a slightly more informed audience… am I just a fool???

Anyway, I really hated that Harry Potter knockoff television show that soooo better be fake! Must you bleed something of all its worth and fun? Come on! I remember looking forward to April fool’s long before the internet. The pranks were really dumb because I was mostly in elementary school and middle school before the web took over. I LOVE the Onion, let me make that very clear but sometimes I wish for a good old fashion joke. BTW who wants to mock all those girls who pretend they are preggers as a joke. That ain’t funny mamma I pay for your welfare! At least I did when I still had a job, listen to my unemployed self…

… I have noooo idea where this is going so maybe I should shut down this whole shebang. Hot dog ‘shebangs’ and ‘shebang’ are apparently both words according to my spell checker… and I’ve just looked it up and I had no idea that’s what a shebang was! I think from now on I’m just learning some new useless fact for this holiday, the foolishest day of them all! Foolishest is totally a word also, AWESOME!

UPDATE: So I’m not sure if this was a prank but it looks like it could be that or some nicely timed glitch:

I checked my stats earlier and they looked normal and now there is a bar that looks like I had about 500 hits today, the amount I get in half a month! It’s kind of funny but makes my other days look SO SAD! The important thing is that everyone had fun today. I played with my Siamese kitty in our backyard, took a nice walk and some cloud pictures. So far, it seems as though I haven’t been fooled… but there are still a few hours left to go :)

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is my actual stat chart, it showed up after refreshing the page but then the really big bar came back again! Dag nab it WorPress, are you trying to make me lose my mind? Good prank!


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