Free Your Mind: Your Tongue & Fingers Should Follow

I won’t be around forever and someday this blog will be gathering interactive cobwebs but it will have been oh so fun!

This writer is not sad, good things must come to an end.

This is the internet, the same place you can find: two girls fake barfing fake poo into each others mouths, a young lady farting on a cake, a UCLA student that hates Asians because their parents do their laundry for them and they talk on their cell phones in the library, and least importantly the likes of Baby Bieber and Black Becky.

Get over any preoccupations you have about how YOU think OTHERS should:

  1. behave
  2. speak
  3. feel
  4. act
  5. express themselves

Why can a religious bigot spout hate about abortionists and atheists and yet heathens are not also aloud to run amok based on their crazy beliefs. Run amok, dammit! Revolt, revert, revolutionize, downsize or devolve, your choice.

Here at blastedgoat we don’t gibe a flybing fubk! Words are arbitrary, you can fill in things that weren’t meant, misconstrue or manipulate multiple meanings or miss satire all together if all you do is troll around setting fires under bridges like some homeless person.

Now you want to get mad about me “making fun of” homeless people but would it please you to know that I’ve been homeless myself and that my mom has lived in a van down by the river, no joke. I also know several other people who are currently or have been homeless in the past. If anything, you should be mad at your government and at the society that allows them to board up people’s homes and refuse to help even when it keeps the neighborhoods much nicer and safer to keep families in those houses. Vacant properties attract crime, especially theft.

Shame on Americans for allowing this to happen when we shake a finger at other countries and governments for abusing their citizens. My heart goes out to the victims of all the major natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes as well as man-made disasters like oil spills and nuclear power meltdowns.

Don’t let  false lines divide us. Aside from a few differences (which I find kind of neat and interesting to learn about) we all want similar things. This world is about to get a lot more scary but not in the ways you think. Not in the ways the television news will be reporting. We need to make the effort now, before things fall apart to see eye to eye or we will have a total breakdown of understanding and cooperation within and among all our countries and societies.

I may say hateful sounding things and curse like a sailor around small children but I also plant little tomato seeds, take photos of trees and never say dirty words around my grandmother. I do have manners when they matter and I consider myself a good and somewhat enlightened personality. However, this is my blog. These are only my opinions.

Maybe not a lot of people listen to me, read my blog or watch my videos but I do (for the most part) consider what I post pretty carefully. This generally depends on where I am on the web. I’m an open book. The experience I’m having in this world seems pretty interesting from my end and I thought someone else might be interested in it from time to time. If not, who cares this place keeps me writing every single day!

I don’t believe I should sensor myself in order to be considered “Freshly Pressed” material but luckily I don’t curse in all of my posts! I don’t curse in a majority of them, actually. I can press on though. Someone might be listening. Somewhere in my brain a little cell shrivels and pops… where does the time go?


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