Steamboat Gardens Restaurant

My grandma used to take me to Steamboat Gardens Restaurant. I was in the car reading a picture book about a witch on the way one time. I still feel at home when I sit and wait for my meal. They used to have an old school Pac-man game that I always wanted to play while we waited. Granny and I always got the shrimp, shrimp was my favorite.

I moved a few blocks away from this iconic place and walk there frequently with friends to grab a bite to eat. You can’t beat the specials: 99 cent  “tug boat” Tuesdays and great deals every other day of the week! I love their soda with grenadine, they serve it with cherries on a sword when they aren’t too busy! The best value is arguably their awesome hamburgers which are easily customizable, they also offer a variety of sides and always have a choice of desert and candy for purchase at the front counter.

This is a staple in our area, most people dine there at least every once in a while but it really is affordable enough to eat there a few times a week if you are looking for friendly company, old television sets and oldies on the radio. I love little places like this in my town that have a lot of personality and I will be sure to bring you more reviews and some pictures of the places/food when I can get some money to eat out again!

Zach is making kielbasa and sour kraut for dinner and it is smelling amazingly!! I must end this blog now and get some actual good home cooking, the kind you can experience if you take a trip to Waterloo and a trip back in our towns’ history and eat at the Steamboat Gardens Restaurant!

More photos of Steamboat can be found in this post.

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