Writing My Way Out Of Iowa

If I can write my way out of a paper bag I can hopefully write my way out of Iowa.

I love the Midwest. I love where I grew up but the more I learn about my world the more I want to get out, experience it and possibly try to change it for the better. I can’t believe it has gotten this bad but it has and I also know it is impossible to know how it is somewhere else exactly without ever having been there.

No pointing fingers, that won’t help a thing… I choose to examine my predicament and find a way I can contribute to my survival and the survival of a unique American subculture. I speak not of consumer and profit driven individuals that mock me for my simpler lifestyle but my fellow freethinkers who believe this life is something to be studied but still enjoyed, just in a different way than most. To someone like me there is much more to life than cars, jobs and indulging snot-nosed brats. It might be just a ride, God’s cruel joke or clever plan, something that happened randomly by chance, or even the product of selective reincarnation or a system of karmic checks and balances…

I call it simply, the one collective dream.

Is all that I blog but a blog within a blog? What is a blog anyhow but an electronic version of my life that I self-select, manipulate, and sprinkle with equally staged snapshots. I am a reader who long waits for that last mystery to be revealed… that is once I finally remember how to wake up from this terribly strange, sometimes frightening, and yet at other times, captivating dream.


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