Box of Kittens

This is Wasabi, Kikko and Sir Willow. I will be adopting the girls but all three are a fluffy grey and Siamese/Burmese mix. Elora is their mother and she is a very striking kitty who looks a lot like Mr. Trouble (they have the same mother, named Mimzy). Their father is Mr. Wispy. There are seven kittens total, the others are from yet another couple consisting of a fluffy grey female named Grey-See (sister of Mr. Wispy) and the fantastic Jean Claw Vampirate (younger brother of Elora), a most adorable Rag Doll-like creature. All seven have blue or purple eyes and come in varying degrees of fluffiness! My friends also have full grey fluffy kittens and cats as well as a Siamese mother (Mimzy) and a black mother and daughter named Mamba and Skiddy respectively that need good homes. The big fluffy boys are Bear and Moink and there is a sweet girl with a distinct face named Rina who looks like the father of all the original grey cats, Thor. Thor is one of my favorite cats ever because he always is happy to see you and will run up and sit on your lap and is very affectionate. There are so many cats to help and love so if you are looking for a great family pet and live in or near Iowa and want an indoor or outdoor companion please let me know. I can put you in contact with a couple who take in strays and nurse baby kittens back to health. Their current living situation is not ideal for all the help they want to provide but the more kitties they can connect with loving families the less will roam the streets of our town and get injured by vehicles or people who mean them harm.

Here are some links to photos of the other available animals if you are interested. Look for more photos and videos of adoptable kitties soon!

Kitties who need good homes

Grey-See & Vampirate kittens


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