You May Have Noticed

You may have noticed my absence the other day… as in yesterday… as in the twentieth of April, 2011. I know, I know, I’ve already missed a few days this year (damn me) but I am still doing pretty good. I just wanted to congratulate you if you noticed my brief pause…

My power went out, though, that wasn’t really why I didn’t blog yesterday. That was just something interesting that happened first thing this morning…Yesterday, well, what can I say? I wasn’t around the internet… I was around my… house. I was around my… friends. Most importantly, I was taking some advice from some mop-topped bugs while hosting a movie marathon. Legend was an extremely strange trip but we also watched gems like Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. We spent pretty much the entire film creating an elaborate story behind Tom Cruise’s descent into madness and/or Scientology and/or the closet… I might need another whole blog to open that can of worms!

A fun time was had by all… yes, your little blog-mistress was making yet another attempt at having somewhat of a social life! That was a fucking mouthful! That is, if you consider pocket dialing your grandmother at 2AM having a social life. That was Zach’s fault I don’t care what he says… he was sitting on it!

All in all not a shabby life I am shaping right now. I’m getting ready to take a few cats to a farm with my friends. It should be an interesting adventure and a sad departure for Bear, Moink and their father, Thor. I hope they will be very happy at their new home.


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