Editing Drugs — Drug Wars in the Media

BLASTEDGOAT here, thought I would dust off and post this rough edit of my first long-ish documentary.

So far I’m gathering sources, learning how to put things together and most importantly citing sources so you can access unedited information as much as is possible, warranted and wanted.

Below, I’ve detailed sources I remember and can visibly verify. If I’m missing any information or names please let me know in the comments and I will amend…

Share and rate this video so I can make more and much better films in the future! Also, make sure to start doing your own research :)


Youtube Sources:

Abilify Adwatch —  Consumer Reports (Health.org)

Abilify Kills — [Andy] Behrman was formerly a spokesman for Bristol Myers Squibb until he publicly criticized them for their marketing techniques and began a crusade against Bristol Myers Squibb with a well-known YouTube video titled, “Abilify Kills.” –Wikipedia

(I pick on Abilify and Zoloft because I have been prescribed and used both)

The following prescription drugs are also mentioned or shown in this film: Cymbalta, Latisse, Lunesta, Ritalin *Focus Anti-Drug Ad

I will be using many more in upcoming videos, feel free to add suggestions. I am already planning on dedicating a whole video to heart-related drugs and I think allergy/arthritis medications could be interesting. Sexual dysfunction drugs are going to be a big one ;P

Media Coverage:




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