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Obituary for Bernice M. Green

This playground series was taken in Exchange Park, the same place where Sami and I had our combined graduation party. This weekend will be an opportunity to see what we still have in common and to have fun with just the girls, the occasional guy will be tolerated :)

Long Weekend


I am taking my first vacation of the year. Ok, so it’s only about an hour away to see my friend, Sami, but for me it is rather exciting! I will post photos when I come back and I’m going to try to post blogs while I’m gone… I’m sure things will be fine, everyone […]

I ♥ listening to anything by Danny Elfman and grew up watching films he scored. Some of my favorites are: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I wrote a series of three poems while listening to music from the latter. Please feel free to comment or add your own poems (they can take […]

To be more exact, these are my kitties! They are all home… Mr. Trouble, Miss Wasabi and Kikko Monster!! MEEWWRROOOWWW

Backyard Views


I’m trying out the newest addition to WordPress: distraction-free writing thanks to a new full-screen writing option! I have to say I’m impressed with a website that is so dedicated to writing and toward helping that task even more simple and enjoyable. As an unemployed twenty-something with a “useless” English B.A. living in the Midwest […]

This photo-series is dedicated to my friend Sam because Lilacs really do remind her of death and she got me one of my first jobs at Happy Chef in Waterloo, which recently closed. I picked the Lilacs from my backyard and they have since withered and decayed themselves…


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