Homemade Potato Chips

I usually have a few potatoes left in the bottom of the bag. I started slicing them up, frying them in oil and adding salt. Ok, it isn’t the healthiest snack ever but it is better than reaching for that overinflated, under-filled bag of “Ray’s” or whatever.

The best part is you can customize your chips. Like them really crispy? Make sure the potatoes are well dried off, sliced super thin and left in a little extra time! Like em softer, with wacky seasonings or in strange shapes/textures? Experimentation is needed in this area but I’ve been meaning to try a ruffled chip, dill seasoning, different shapes for holidays and even my long lost loves, fried potatoes and onions.

I also want to make a batch of just potato skins, YUMMY!

This is my first attempt I will make many more and post the most successful here. Share your chip making experiences or tips in the comments. Well, any snack food really…


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