Full Screen Scene

I’m trying out the newest addition to WordPress: distraction-free writing thanks to a new full-screen writing option! I have to say I’m impressed with a website that is so dedicated to writing and toward helping that task even more simple and enjoyable. As an unemployed twenty-something with a “useless” English B.A. living in the Midwest it can feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere.

Without distractions will I be able to write a better blog? Will effortless sentences reveal themselves? As they are formed in my mind and typed they are immediately checked by invisible bees that buzz softly behind the scenes.

My grandmother gave me a handmade Winnie the Pooh blanket today. She also gave me a million other things from her place: food, an electric skillet, a wooden step-stool, a teddy bear tote bag, three pounds of frozen beef and a few other odds and ends. I take things from those who wish to give them, try not to take them for granted just in case I’m not always so lucky.

I’ve spent nearly every day this year posting in this space. I use this space for writing, photographs, whatever I’m in the mood for at the time. I missed a few days but mostly I find I have a wealth of recipes, pictures or poems to resort to when a freestyle blog isn’t in the cards for that day. blastedgoat will remain as long as the internet remains a free exchange of ideas and files… Like many other hideous html creations I breathed broken code into.

I have many things I will leave behind and many of those things will turn into burdens for other people. Maybe I’ve just been watching too many episodes of Hoarders in a row. This blog seems different than any of the seemingly endless trinkets I fill my physical space with… This blog allows me to travel back through time, it allows me to learn from my past mistakes (code and otherwise!) I can sort and organize my life and look back at all my work and be proud that I put myself though college, even if it means my only job is “looking for one” and the highlight of my day is skimming over the Freshly Pressed and entering my thoughts or images for that day.

I do everything on my blog from food to photography to poetry to essays concerning British Literature, music videos or even popular television shows. I write original poetry and stories and have been known to edit videos madly, we even have a micro-music-studio (beat-less studios) in my place. From now on I will use the full-screen option when I want to get really into whatever it is I am writing… here is a test of what you can expect:

Along with the other slight modifications WordPress made in its layout and font styles it will prove to be a most useful tool in the pursuit of procrastination-free pondering and posting.

blastedgoat is a small space within which there are endless possibilities, images, words, experiences. I use WordPress not just for its convenience but also because it has the most intelligent and thought-provoking members and audience of all other major internet sites/communities that I have had the pleasure of being a part of. I have learned much in a few short years of blogging and I have so much more to learn about writing, gardening, cooking… you get the idea, I’m a busy woman!

A busy woman who loves to talk but loves to write more… a young person who went into debt trying to be a writer when she was one all along, she only needed a publication and an active audience. Even without being Freshly Pressed I have managed to get up to a thousand views per month which might not mean much to most published authors but to a hardworking lunatic in Iowa it’s not a bad place to start!


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