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I had left over ground meat (it could be beef, venison, turkey) so I added spices I like such as: Chili Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Pepper (black/white/crushed red… whatever you prefer depending on the spice you want to achieve!) You can also add Cumin, Oregano and Paprika for color and flavor. Cook the meat, […]

With the exception of the two tallest plants, I grew all these babies from seeds. This is my first garden so I’m still learning… as for the tall plants, they are called tomatillos and Angie donated them to my patio garden! The tomatillo is also known as the husk tomato, jamberry, husk cherry, Mexican tomato, […]

This sign was a funny gift from Emily. It used to be hanging up at Blockbuster Video and she was able to get it for me for a birthday present!

I finally got my computer back… for now… I’m not going to shut it down again until we can figure out what is wrong for sure and how to fix whatever problem that may be :) Just thought I would check in… I will be editing video later and adding some pictures to this post […]

Stop Believing


It has been one of those days… alright, weeks… fine! MONTHS! OMG YEEEAARRSSS :( Now that is out of my system here is my list for how to make that better. Make new friends (business and personal) Keep the old (keep my roommates and family happy!) Fix the damn computer (that will make everything easier […]

Missing Steps


You always get a strange prickly feeling when you step off for what should have been the last step. You’ve miscounted, do a little more math and you’re lurching forward, empyting your contents on the floor.

I am looking at my computer from my bed and Trouble is sleeping behind me. The boys are playing Mass Effect 2 in the living room and I am nearing the end of the endless pile of dishes that have plauged my countertop for weeks. I don’t know where the little kittens are but I […]

Zach posted this title using the Wii when our computer wouldn’t turn on… I am editing this in the future (from the time this post was written) and I don’t know what you should know except thanks to the Wii I only missed one day of blogging this week! I am still doing pretty good […]

Wii Blogging


I am blogging on my amazing Nintendo Wii due to not one but TWO computer failures. At least I am blogging more easily using my roommates USB keyboard which is only possible because his computer has been broken for some time and he figured I could be using it for something else and the Wii […]

Garage Tales


THE most interesting people usually end up at my garage sales. Today it was the SAME interesting person for two hours. Angie timed him and we all agreed that he stayed along to say several stories several times. He bought an antique Singer table from me for five dollars and it wasn’t even on sale. […]

More photos taken outside the iconic Waterloo restaurant! View my original post/review of Steamboat Gardens Restaurant here.

Pet Waste


A yellow-striped Tamagotchi toy cat rests on a windowsill. She does not move. She does not sniff the cold metallic air… REPOSTED from: monochrome jade thoughts dream wrathfully.


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