Garage Tales

THE most interesting people usually end up at my garage sales. Today it was the SAME interesting person for two hours. Angie timed him and we all agreed that he stayed along to say several stories several times. He bought an antique Singer table from me for five dollars and it wasn’t even on sale. It was left here by the previous tenants and they came and got things and that got left a second time… I am hoping it wasn’t our landlord’s but she is trying to sell this place and here we wanted to stay a little longer…

That is precisely why we are having this sale. Precisely why I woke at seven to puncture my pointer finger with a mini-green back to school special stapler, now THAT was a mouthful.

Back to the man of the hour… the man of TWO hours at least. He talked to my brother about scrap and Fords and to all of us about  his love of collecting junk to make art out of. He asked to see my art and even gave me a set of markers, paints and other supplies from his trunk. He also bought one of three children’s bikes that were also left by the people who used to live here. He says it is going to a little boy he knows and that was well worth the $2 he offered.

All in all it has been a good first half of the sale… more people could have come and more things could have sold but we are going to try to make a go of it again very soon… say three o’ clock, just enough time to do a few chores and maybe get a bite to eat. I will reflect on “Craig” the character I started musing about above and others who visited our tiny store today when I return tomorrow for Garage Tales II!


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