Wii Blogging

I am blogging on my amazing Nintendo Wii due to not one but TWO computer failures. At least I am blogging more easily using my roommates USB keyboard which is only possible because his computer has been broken for some time and he figured I could be using it for something else and the Wii is compatible…
This morning MY computer failed to turn on. It had been acting strange for a while but it is a three year old HP desktop so it isn’t horribly suprising or upsetting. I just really need the internet to file unemployment and to blog… maybe surf YouTube, but I think I can survive for a few days at least :)
I will keep you updated on my computing progress but until then I will be Wii-ing it up on my old school TV eating microwave popcorn typing right-handed. I live to serve and what I serve is silly crap from my life, COME AND GET IT!


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