Broken Feet and Rancid Meat

I am looking at my computer from my bed and Trouble is sleeping behind me. The boys are playing Mass Effect 2 in the living room and I am nearing the end of the endless pile of dishes that have plauged my countertop for weeks.
I don’t know where the little kittens are but I don’t hear things being knocked over so I think it is safe to say I have a few seconds to think outloud. Typing on this USB keyboard almost simulates my collected typewriters. The physical process is much easier. The keys are slick and the strokes much more fast and easy to erase…
Somehow on the Wii the audio when you type is remincent of a different time. I don’t have spell check on this entry and won’t more than likely unless I go back and edit it though WordPress. If you noticed I at least try to tidy up my entries, I try to use proper punctuation and capitalize when absolutely necessary and spell checker is my oldest and dearest compadre.
It is a little more fun not knowing if I’ve made a mistake right away. Somehow the words seem to flow much more easily when I don’t worry about pefecting every single little thing. I am saddened that the clicking noises have stopped and I am all alone again in this house of distractions with a broken machine… trying to write, trying to make sense out of nothingness.
Oh well, at least I tried today.


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