How to Make A Seasoned Beef Burrito in a Toaster Oven

I had left over ground meat (it could be beef, venison, turkey) so I added spices I like such as: Chili Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Pepper (black/white/crushed red… whatever you prefer depending on the spice you want to achieve!) You can also add Cumin, Oregano and Paprika for color and flavor.

Cook the meat, drain, then add the seasonings with a little more water and cook it all down. Make sure the meat reaches a safe temperature before putting it in the tortillas. I had flour tortillas left over from when we made tacos but you could also make your own. I am currently learning how to “press” my own tortillas because they are one of my favorite snacks!

I placed a small amount of meat (in a line) and added cheese (you can use whatever kind you like or a variety) and jalapeno. You can add onion and whatever other filler items you like: beans, peppers, tomatoes, garlic… Then wrap them into a similar shape to the ones above and sprinkle with more cheese and jalapeno and place in your toaster (or conventional) oven.

If you have trouble wrapping you might have too much filling, I tuck in two ends slightly (will become the top and bottom so it doesn’t matter if one side is less wrapped but it helps keep things together and in the burrito!) Then I start at one end and make a loose roll trying to tuck in the excess tortilla. As I said you are going for a shape like that above and you can cook with the seam down or secure with a toothpick if you are worried about it falling apart, just remember to take out the toothpick!

I usually cook things between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit and toaster ovens can be tricky so use your best judgement and always pay attention to your food as it cooks until you are comfortable with the cooking time and temperature.

It shouldn’t take long to melt the cheese and bring everything together in a neat crisp little package. I top with a ton of sour cream and tomatoes but chives, even more veggies and a delicious cheese or red/green hot sauce would make your homemade burritos look like they came from a sit down Mexican restaurant.

Try making your own salsa (I have one recipe with more on the way) to make it a homemade fiesta night catered to each person you are serving… Mom likes more tomatoes… Dad likes extra meat and cheese… Junior doesn’t like onions? No problem! Let everyone build their own :)

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