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My little girls are getting big! They are still kittens though so they need their sleep and they love to sleep on my kitchen table. Bwah, kittehs!

Fast Schism


Stop conforming to tyranny! Don’t let it fly! Don’t let it be! This is not a time for peace and quiet. Nor, perhaps, the best of times to start a riot!

I am not really that into the 80s. I was born in them (1986) and remember a few choice items, phrases, fads and facts from them but things remain pretty blurry. I figured since I like to make lists anyway I would start with something some people usually have an opinion on. If you love […]

I’ll cherish as much as you will give. Considering your performance is a tasteful comic strip. Right here in front of me you stand perfected imperfections that leave my mind wide open. Wanting to turn another page only to find the book has flown out the window. We author another reality commanding nothing. Nonetheless, nervousness […]

These were taken in a small field area near a busy hi-way. It was an extremely hot day! I walked for quite a while and saw some pretty neat things. As always, I took loads of photos :)

To see more shots of this guy check out PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL!

Her Stormy Eyes


You update me from far away. Window pounded, flash of hot rain. What was that I wished for? I wanted you to call me back, to tell me what you want. I hope without your glance I don’t blink out of existence. I’ve been waiting since our last Indian Summer held up like a prisoner […]

I thought you would enjoy reading this spam post from “Bed Bug Killer” because for some reason David Thier has a cult following of pest eradicators… who knew? Bed Bug Killer 2011/07/15 at 3:34 am It is great that we all have our freedom of expression and you can belt out anything that you […]

I got this tattoo done at Praying Mantis Tattoo in Colorado a few years ago by a very talented young female artist. She drew the tree from a description of a tree on my college campus that was half living and half dead. We referenced a twisted tree in a magazine and she used a […]

We live just down the street from Rudy’s Tacos. It is a nice little Mexican style restaurant that uses mostly fresh and local ingredients. They even have a table tent telling you what percentage of each type of produce comes from the area. The cheese and meat are from Iowa and the portions are generous […]


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