Don’t Tread on Me: EMI, UMG & WMG

I woke this 4th of July and checked on the video that took me hours to upload with my crappy internet connection and I had been hit by the big three.

EMI I can assume was mad that I lifted a fitting Spice Girl’s song to the opening of my documentary about women in the media…

UMG saw my t.A.T.u. snippet (but probably not my comment about some popular music being controversial) I was going to use that clip to talk about sexuality and how perceptions of it changed rapidly and was reflected in the music of the early 1990’s and early 2000’s.

WMG? Those bastards own NIN and I clearly talked over most of the clip I provided because it was one of the most controversial videos of all time.

Yet, I can’t use any of it in a documentary that clearly aims to inform viewers and credits each entity (band at least) and doesn’t hurt anyone or show them in a negative way. That is America for you… when someone else doesn’t feel they are being paid their fair wage my freedom of expression goes out the window!

It is not like any of these artists (unless they are prats like Metallica) came out and said  “don’t use our stuff, even if you pay for it or are a fan” and if they do say that then maybe they aren’t worth listening to in the first place. You shouldn’t make or produce things so you can be a Nazi over others.

So this music helps me make my point and the visuals make it easier on my viewer’s eyes but I don’t need any of it. As long as you know what I’m talking about and you want to hear my opinion on these subjects that is all that matters to me. I will find a way to give you this information and someday I might be rich enough, important enough and know enough people to be able to use sources from my OWN culture that I am bombarded with every single day… Maybe then I could actually fight back and defend myself against the people who ram these ads, music videos and films down my fat American throat!


Here is the video in question, that is if you can see it in your country. Look for a “clean” version soon. I mean “clean” of their copy-written contraband :) ooo anger makes me snazzy, and determined!

One thought on “Don’t Tread on Me: EMI, UMG & WMG

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