Call Me Miss Pissy

It’s 11:25 and I am just getting my mind organized enough to blog. I think that statement is a stretch in itself. Today was busy and I’ve had so much running behind my eyes I’m amazed they’re still open and willing to cooperate.

I found that my cat will eat anything, not that I really questioned that before because she seemed to be very interested in eating most things…

Our lovely landlord will be stopping by on Friday to take yet more of our money so today I had to borrow thirty bucks from my mom, something I haven’t done in I don’t know how long. I’m not too proud to beg but I do get pissy when I don’t have a job and they decide to shut my foodstamps off without warning and I have to borrow a late fee from my damned crippled mum… just a few little irritants I’ve dealt with this week.

To top it all off I broke my toe last night on a bass guitar and we just got the doctor bill from when my boyfriend sprained his ankle and since we can’t afford a thirty dollar late fee let alone a $200 non-emergency doctor’s visit I don’t think I will be seeking any treatment for my poor little pinkie toe :(

Also, apparently the WordPress spellchecker doesn’t recognize pissy as a word but I refuse to use anything different. Pissy is exactly how I felt. That is why I did not blog before but now that I got all that out I feel a bit better.

Please excuse me while I go clean up the mess kitty left after eating something I really wanted to use. Curse you adorable cats and your curiosity with food you should not have… and in fact, things that usually aren’t food at all! At least they do go after the moths that get into our place :)

However, this is your last warning kitty: don’t mess with the lady who scoops your poop and feeds you… THIS MEANS YOU KIKKO!

Siamese or just part Siamese, don’t matter… whatever you name em, they’re all TROUBLE!


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