Farewell, Harry Potter

I’m a little over halfway done with the seventh book… again. The final movie is only a week away and I thought I would share my experience with Harry Potter with all of you!

I started reading the books in middle school and went to the theatre to see each film so many of my inside jokes revolved around Harry Potter. It was something I had in common with my best friend as well as my younger brother. I have converted many Potter-haters over the years and several of them have personally devoured my books before buying their own sets! My boss Kodie fell in love with the series and my roommate Andy just started reading them… I also drag people to the movies, the midnight release when possible!

This is Chad, Kasey and Jens… Kasey is holding the wand I made for Sami. This picture was taken opening night of the Half-Blood Prince!

I even dress up for some of the events and won third place as Rita Skeeter in a Barnes & Noble costume contest. This was hosted during the midnight release party for the final book. Sami will kill me for posting these photos but she doesn’t read my blog so what she sees won’t hurt me! Ouch my scar!! She owes me because she is ditching me for the final film… Alas!

That seems like so long ago and here I am about to finish the book again and go watch the final film in almost a week exactly. I am so exited and so scared that this could be it for all the magic…

I’ve suffered much like Harry has all these years. I’ve lost friends, family, and treasured pets. I’ve looked for a magical world to escape from the drudges of my Muggle existence just like he did. I definitely don’t live on Privet Drive and I might never make it to Diagon Alley or Hogwarts but I’ve heard about and seen Harry visit those places and I can visit again and again when I get bored or lonely…

Jo, Thank you so much for letting us experience magic vicariously through the boy who lived. Millions around the world will never forget his story. I will never forget his story and will continue to share it with anyone who needs a little fantasy or good literature in their life!

3 thoughts on “Farewell, Harry Potter

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