Female Identities in Popular Music

I will post more of these as I record more audio and compile more sources. Hopefully this one will not be blocked for copyright reasons. Parts of this were originally in Too Much Media but it was impossible to cut out the songs without demolishing the whole project.

If you are interested in music video history please check out my project so far:

Music Video History Project Intro

Music Videos: Self-Promotion vs. Self-Expression

Too Much Media: Women in Popular Culture

Don’t Tread on Me: EMI, UMG & WMG

I will continue to analyze more sources about women and more music videos in general. Let me know what you want more/less of in the comments!

Thanks for watching :D

BLASTEDGOAT uses clips from No Doubt “I’m Just a Girl” & “Trapped in a Box”, Gwen Stefani “What You Waiting For”, t.A.T.u. “All The Things She Said”, NIN “Closer”, “Kelly” aka Liam Kyle Sullivan “Shoes” as well as screencaps from The White Stripes (Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground) and artists/videos already mentioned above… A very short clip from a Jennifer Lopez was also used (If You Had My Love).

The songs in this short film are “She’s Got You” sung by Patsy Cline (one of my grandma’s favorite singers) and Cher (and Sonny) singing “Baby Don’t Go”.


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