Her Stormy Eyes

You update me from far away.
Window pounded,
flash of hot rain.

What was that I wished for?
I wanted you to call me back, to tell me what you want.
I hope without your glance I don’t blink out of existence.

I’ve been waiting since our last Indian Summer
held up like a prisoner hitting fists against your silence
as if it were bars that burned my face, hands and wrists…

Still, I beg for more.

But, it isn’t long before I prefer staying in my corner
asking the doctor to push me more prescriptions.
Until I am literally confined to my mind alone.

I dull the pain.

Casual smiles
in her

Hear a few scratches outside the door?
Wonder for a moment if there will be anymore?

So sweet to think of a couple kissing on a sidewalk
eating to contentment, sliding down spirits.

Until you consider: that was my wish!
Those aren’t my eyes staring back at you.

One thought on “Her Stormy Eyes

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