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I really miss the OLD Reverb but I like Spicoli’s and the Reverb Rock Garden just fine. Here are pictures from the past, The Sudden Change (later The Space Natives) were my favorite local band… possibly because I knew all the members and they rocked with a funky style :D Wish those guys would get […]

Emily Dickinson was a brilliant poet who challenged traditional conventions and forced readers into dark yet captivating worlds in which she explored themes such as death, religion, individuality, longing and madness. She was very perceptive of the world around her and yet cautious about her presentation to others. Today she would most likely be diagnosed […]

“All this changes when, a third of the way into the film, the camera points toward the movie screen, which our hero promptly tries to enter. It is the open door into a magic realm” (Parshall 70). This is exactly how I felt while watching Buster Keaton’s cinematic masterpiece Sherlock Jr. This film blurs the […]

If you’ve never watched an Independent Film: You might not be used to a film that delves into a character’s actions and motivations. Independent films are often times multi-vocal in their technique, so we get to experience the emotions of multiple characters. The best thing about watching films like these is that they are thought-provoking […]

Alice Sebold New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2002. 328 pgs [SPOILERS BELOW] Plot Summary: Susie Salmon was raped and murdered on December 6, 1973 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, after taking a shortcut through a cornfield home from school. The novel is a coming-of-age story. Even though Susie dies in the first chapter she continues to […]

I had a good feeling the other day when I was driving home so I stopped at 18th Street Vintage and picked up this sweet bike and camera… The bike is a late 1960’s Huffy Eldorado (teal girl’s model) with front fender jet and built-in light in tank. It only set me back $45. It […]

I recently lost my computer… here are 40 photos that were held captive on my camera for a week or so! They are of me, my plants, and one of my three kitty cats :)

Up and Running


Thanks to my dad I have a computer again! It isn’t new… at all but it can run the essentials like YouTube and Facebook and, of course, WORDPRESS! Please forgive me for my brief hiatus I promise to dazzle you in the days and weeks ahead with all the things I’ve learned, snapped photos and […]

Waiting Room


I sit and wait and think of how I could use your whiskers now. They tickle my mind with memories abounding my head begins to split heart sounds off, pounding. I hear a heartbreaking hymn when I think about your fur wearing thin. You’re buried in my grandmother’s yard playing with the bugs and other […]

As many of you already know, my lovely computer is under the weather and won’t turn on no matter how nicely I ask… This would not be such an issue, such issues have occurred before it just that this week of all weeks in the month… all months of the year. I’ve been using this […]

Please be patient while I work out some technical difficulties aka get my computer to turn back on! That is all for now, thank goodness for my Wii!


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