Harry Potter’s Dreams

I was intrigued by this essay question from the good folks at Mugglenet.com and thought it would make an amazing series of posts… Here’s the question: Dreams feature prominently in the Harry Potter book series. Sometimes they are used by Jo to foreshadow future events, at other times they seem to be collections of random images that seemingly tell and reveal nothing. Pick one dream in the books and close-read Jo’s description of it – pick out specific words and explore the wider implications of them. Do any of these dreams have details in common? What does Jo’s inclusion of Harry’s dreams in the text suggest about the series as a whole?

I thank Mugglenet for the wonderful idea… I plan to run full speed with it and hopefully they will be kind enough to include part or all of it in the fan essay section. I want to dig deep so I am re-reading the books and have already found a handful of dreams!

Dreams have been a popular literary device in many great works back to one of the earliest, The Epic of Gilgamesh. I will use what I know about dream interpretation (which is quite a lot) to take a look at Harry’s subconscious mind. With my personal stack of dream symbol books and classic fairy tale collections I will be able to make parallels between Harry’s dreams and the themes and tone of the series as a whole as well as compare his dreams to others that have been recorded or “dreamed up” throughout history.

I really don’t want to let go of the Potterverse yet…

So hopefully, if I keep my nose in these books, always searching for more layers of meaning and allusions I will never have to return to my boring life in the cupboard under the stairs… I mean, well, you know! :)

Please check this post for some notes along the way as well as the Harry Potter category for the bulk of my research and final drafts! I will also link any progress to this page so you can get inside my head a little bit, do be careful, it can be a disturbing place! Let me know if this idea sounds interesting in the comments… perhaps that can motivate me to finish re-reading the novels and write with a speed, anticipation and accuracy that I haven’t conjured up since graduating college!

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