Garden Fresh Salsa Recipe

Have you ever wanted to make delicious salsa at home with things you grew in your own garden? Even if you buy produce from your local grocery store the quality and flavor of making it yourself makes doing so well worth the time! It is really easy to make and customize. This recipe is give or take how I usually make a batch but I use whatever I have at the time… you can use whatever ingredients you like best and if you can’t hand chop everything you could use a food processor or blender but I think it is most satisfying when you make it mostly by hand!

You will need:

A lot of tomatoes (I usually use between 6-8 medium/large tomatoes on the vine)

Onion (Yellow is used here but white, green, red or a mix is fine)

Peppers (Jalapeno gives you spice and green, red, yellow or any other bell give you sweetness and color, crushed red adds an extra kick!)

Garlic (I use whole bulbs/cloves but you can get diced garlic in a jar if you’re a cheater!)

Lime (Fresh squeezed limes and cilantro go well in salsa creations… I totally forgot the cilantro this time!)

Vinegar, Salt, other seasonings to taste.


1. Start with the jalapeno, crushed red pepper, vinegar, half a lime, a dash of salt and garlic. Finely chop the jalapeno and garlic. Adding these to a large bowl first insure they get evenly mixed into your salsa.

Reserve half your lime for later (and you may want to finish off with a bit more salt but you are done with the vinegar after adding enough to mix these ingredients together. You can add more or less depending on your taste and how “juicy” you want your salsa to be.)

You don’t have to follow this order at all but this seems to work, start with the more finely chopped ingredients and work your way up!

2. Next, add some sweet bell peppers and onions, chopped as small or large as you like:

3. Add as much tomato as it takes to make your salsa look “right”. This will depend on your preferences. Usually I add 6-8 tomatoes to the equivalent of one onion, one pepper, one jalapeno and one lime.

4. Mix everything to see if you like the color, taste and consistency. Once you are satisfied add the rest of your lime, and a dash of salt. (This is where I would add cilantro if I had remembered it!)

5.  Enjoy your finished salsa snack. Store in a large glass bowl in the refrigerator for up to a week (mine NEVER lasts more than a few days!) I have a nifty little black salsa bowl and this batch fills it many times… I eat quite a lot of it by myself… not a bad thing though, how else can you expect me to eat an entire onion or jalapeno in a few days? Serve with store bought or homemade tortilla chips as a snack or add to nearly anything for an extra kick!

Now that you’ve finished, go enjoy some :) Here is how I enjoyed mine, being a geek at my computer!

(It isn’t product placement if I’m not being paid… I am, however, a Dr. Pepper slave! I have to say it is the best thing to drink while gobbling down bowl after bowl of fresh salsa… next to a strawberry margarita!)

If you used or enjoyed this recipe please leave a comment. Feel free to add tips & recipes there as well! Tell me what you would like to know how to make next; I love cooking, taking pictures of it, eating it and then blogging about it!

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