The Unpaved States of America*

I don’t have cable television anymore but I get my news. It isn’t 24 hour news but I suppose it could be if I was so inclined. I have grown less interested in political hocus pocus and more enthralled with social construction, stratification, abuse and destruction. I believe our government does this to us and we in turn do it to one another. We have constructed a false society and economic system based on debt and the luck of the draw after the world wars. Our grandparents struggled through The Great Depression and saw The New Deal through completion and to its ultimate ends, the corporatization and selling off of America through the destruction of once American companies.

I am fascinated with news stories that seem as though they were lifted straight from a fairy tale. I have been inspired to write several pieces of fiction using news stories as a base concept. The Casey Anthony story held intrigue for me when it was first being reported. I do not like or follow the more recent coverage as it has become a circus but I did wonder if that poor little girl was poured in a slab of concrete next to her grandparent’s pool. Sounds so sick it should only happen in fiction! Honestly, the news is much more terrifying than any thriller I’ve ever read…

Mother nature is always giving us a show and year after year we are surprised, devastated and relieved when another disaster occurs:   

It came outta nowhere! It demolished everything! Man, we sure are lucky to be alive…

Very. Basic. Humanity.

I will start a new series of political posts in part inspired by the upcoming election but mostly because it is something we should all be concerned with. I will tell you what is happening in America as I see it and reference news articles to give definitive proof of our looming downfall. When other countries around the world are learning multiple languages and building high speed railways we are teaching college freshmen remedial math and un-paving roads to save costs. America, the land of plenty (unless you are talking common sense or dignity, but who counts that?) We only seem to care how many cars or clothes a person owns and what brand they are. Commercialization is our religion and Capitalism our God.

Capitalism, bless America! (At least some of them, anyway!)

*I believe I lifted that title from the eloquent and entertaining Rachel Maddow. I miss her and Keith the most with my lack of cable television, but alas, he has been canned by the MSNBC!


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