Disconnection in August

As many of you already know, my lovely computer is under the weather and won’t turn on no matter how nicely I ask… This would not be such an issue, such issues have occurred before it just that this week of all weeks in the month… all months of the year. I’ve been using this blog to get down important thoughts and snapshots I don’t want to miss. It has been a change of pace writing on paper again (I never stopped just never use it as much as I had to while attending school) it gives me a different feeling but I miss something about sitting at my computer, happily typing away. Currently, I am using my roommate’s handy USB keyboard along with my well-loved Nintendo Wii. I feel I can’t remain silent, not when so many things are pounding in my mind. I miss my cat, more specifically my baby girl we lost almost a year ago… one year ago tomorrow. I still use her photos as desktops and I feel peaceful writing in front of her comforting green eyes. She got sick and died quickly, within the span of a few months, quite an oddity for an otherwise healthy seven year old tabby.

I apologize if you grow tired of posts about dead animals but in my world, animals and plants are just as amazingly wonderful as people and the world loses a small bit of beauty when something so pure and sweet leaves it. I know I don’t need to look at my desktop to see or remember Ginger, I can look around my room for pre-digital snapshots, a lovely painting made by one of my best friends and even when I can’t see at all, I see her in my dreams.

Here’s to getting my computer fixed, finishing out the year strong with this blog-a-day business and begin 2012 with my writing and my three little kitties and houseplants that still need my love and attention. Come to think of it, I should probably turn a little of that TLC on myself and work on things I’ve wanted for so long, that I’ve just been too scared to pursue. I’m thankful for August days like this. I will always think of her… but that makes me never forget to keep writing and snapping photos… you never know when death will take you or what may be the very last entry you ever make…


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