1960’s Huffy Eldorado Bike & Brownie Flashmite Camera

I had a good feeling the other day when I was driving home so I stopped at 18th Street Vintage and picked up this sweet bike and camera…

The bike is a late 1960’s Huffy Eldorado (teal girl’s model) with front fender jet and built-in light in tank. It only set me back $45. It was a bit cheaper than the other bikes they had and I loved its color and charm. I need to fix the tires as the back one gave out after I rode it to the gas station and filled them and it has a little rust but it also has a whole lotta personality. It even came with a complementary Sandy license plate. That is what I’ve christened her, pretty close to my own name so I think we will get along just fine :)

The camera is a classic Kodak (Brownie Flashmite 20 Outfit) that takes both b&w and color shots. It was marked a few prices but I was able to take it home for a cool $3… that’s rare for one in such good condition and in the original box with literature. The Flashmite cost about $15 when it came out in the early to mid 1960’s and is still worth about $8-$15 now according to The Brownie Camera Page.

I have nostalgic reasons for collecting old cameras and feel they are an important part of history for anyone who loves modern photography or film. Kodaks aren’t my favorite brand if I am looking for a new camera but you cannot deny the company’s place in photographic history!

Look for better scans of all my photography literature and more pictures of the rest of my camera collection in the near future! I own quite a few Brownies, old Kodaks and a few old school film cameras :) I’m quite the photography nerd and historian.

However, right now I rock a Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph and LOVE it… it still gives me nice shots after over three years of daily use and abuse!

*Additional bike information was found at Oldroads.com.


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