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A new video poem by blastedgoat. Check out some photos I’ve snapped and a short poem I revised in this video. More videos coming soon!   I will also be making a big announcement in the next few days! It has something to do with next month… in a few minutes or so anyhow…

I was sipping sweet sorrow right through his broken arrow. Silly thoughts of sometime last January: We proclaimed our willingness to leave our lovers in padded karaoke kissing booths– Then, shared more than a glass or two behind frosted windows. I still see him whenever I please, but his pillow hair is made of dreams. […]

Vicious circles– living for moments between collection calls, envelopes marked: Urgent! Living in attics of ourselves, inhabiting tiny spaces in reality. Domains of potential in projections, plans and dreams are abandoned in the middle of long waits in the wrong lines. Fundamentalism robs old myths of their enduring, universal truth.

I am almost in tears right now. I just posted a heart-felt very long winded entry and WordPress totally failed me for the first time. BAD WORDPRESS. I got my confirmation and went back to edit and there was nothing there. I tried browser back and loading all the copies you are always saving for […]

We visited our state capitol yesterday. We came to Des Moines to see Electric Six, an amazing band from Detroit that travels the world and yet comes to a tiny bar in the middle of Iowa. I got to meet Dick Valentine again and he gave me a signature and photo and was such a […]

Hi. I’m blastedgoat… I like to er… write poems and such. Here is a decent poem I scrapped out of poetry workshop at UNI. I also scribbled a poem at the midnight release party for the final Harry Potter book. I drew the title loosely from a Matthew Arnold poem by the name of Dover […]

Summer is coming to a close but I still notice little dandelions popping up from time to time. I have always loved these “weeds” and am fascinated with their growing process. They sprout up as closed buds, blossoming into bright yellow petals, and then die, turning into delicate stems of iconic floating white seeds. When […]

IF REALITY IS A PROJECTION OF THE MIND IS MY CAMERA BROKEN WHEN THE WORLD BLURS BEFORE MY EYES? What happens when I’M IN THE MIDDLE and the PERSPECTIVE SWITCHES? Happiness free from attachment, longing free from suffering? Not yet, but I’m trying.

Continued apologies for the general lethargy of your blog-mistress and her lack of posts (hitting about every other day this week) but she assures you she’s had terrible headaches! However, she has still been allowing herself photography time:


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