Last Night [A Musing on Birthday Parties]

Last night was amazing! I met a few new people and a few old people again. I don’t go out very much but on special occasions such as birthdays I’m obligated to!

I have two more birthdays to celebrate next weekend and it got me thinking about parties. Parties seem like they are their own planet. You grow accustom to the inhabitants… drink and have fellowship, swap outrageous tales, scrounge for food, together.

Sometimes in the middle you end up in another place entirely which also feels like its own little world. You might be in someone’s smelly bathroom, smoky basement, or star-lit back porch, but no matter where you end up you make bonds with each person sitting next to you or everyone in the room depending on the activity and noise level… Heck, you might end up having a hear-to-heart with yourself on some strange crapper.

Who knows what happens when you wander away from your group? Will you be forced to listen to some drunken rambling or be the one entertaining the room with your crazy antics? Without a range of people, good parties just don’t happen.

All I really care about is that there be friends and music I can stand to give background ambiance without totally overpowering the atmosphere. I don’t mind a few drinks here or there or whatever else you think makes a party but queso dip is a major plus!

Here’s to all you crazy people out there with birthdays who throw amazing parties and here’s to all those people I’ve met but might not know by name… or see ever again. You are awesome and I hope you stay that way, even in the harshest light of the morning after last night :)

I’m going to compile a list of THE BEST and WORST occurrences I’ve witnessed at parties in my twenty-six years on this earth. I will amend this post in the next few days and definetly after the big party next Saturday!

Feel free to add your two cents or a handful of quarters in the comments… What was the BEST/WORST party you’ve attended and why?


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