Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Each photo represents a literal depiction of this week’s theme, path. Each also symbolizes some aspect from my own life.

My mother is smoking a hand-rolled cigarette on her sidewalk with Oreo, one of two cats she lives with in the one-bedroom apartment she’s managed to keep for several  years now. She’s served as an interesting influence in my twenty-six years turning from religion to excess and back several times during her life.

The building sits vacant across from the place my elementary school stood. The only remnants of Lincoln, the playground they put in when I was in school.

Pretty pink flowers grow on a tree across the street from my old Baptist church. Flowers symbolize my blossoming love for nature and my pursuit of philosophy-based approaches to life.

I lived by the train tracks when I was growing up and have a special place in my mind for memories sparked by the rundown locations sprinkled across the East side of Waterloo.

The train tracks and slide are found at or around Exchange Park. I spent time there as a kid with my best friend, Amanda. I also had my high school graduation party there with my best friend, Sami. The park sits next to the graveyard I used to visit, the place my mom cut fire wood from logs dumped by the city and many other places I remember from childhood.

One day, I followed the path my camera led me on and walked from Cedar Bend Park to Exchange Park to where Lincoln used to be. That is where that series of photos originated.

The path I took when I walked to classes at my public University in Cedar Falls is also represented. UNI is where I started writing poetry and making videos on a regular basis. I also developed a love of photographing everything.

The last photo of the dead end sign was taken in the woods near the Cedar River. I took it when I was walking home from my first post-graduation job one beautiful summer day. That picture symbolizes my want to end this post… just kidding!

They tell me that I will go down all kinds of paths seeing all kinds of signs and sights until my shutter shuts and the battery dies for good! I’ll be snapping twigs underfoot and Polaroids of everything here in Iowa and anywhere else my path leads!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path was originally posted in blastedgoat’s PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL. Since writing that post for said picture blog I missed what was to be my memorial day post so I edited my path and posted it here in a more comprehensive format (i.e. photos with captions more closely positioned, more concise language and the removal of a few duplicate photo subjects) If you enjoyed these pictures please see: PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

    • Thanks so much for your nice comments! They really made my day which was already pretty awesome :) I’m glad to finally get some feedback and amazingly it’s all been extremely positive!


    • Yes she is large! This is my mom’s cat but my own cat is even fatter! You must get one they are awesome :) I have two kittens too, they are much more high energy than the chunky one :D Thanks for the comment!


    • Thank you for your kind words. I will be sure to check out your blog :) Magic is a wonderful name for a cat, I’m sad he passed away… I couldn’t imagine life without my grandma so I hope you stay strong!



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