The Business of Breaking Bonds

Arguments can get rocky when someone experiences a perception shift. This is especially true when the other individual does not experience the same change in thinking.

On the largest scale nothing matters, none of this.

On the smallest, our disagreement is imperceptible, incomprehensible, even unnecessary.

But on some level this problem is the biggest obstacle standing before us… This business of not seeing eye to eye.

It is possible for a being to grow accustom to the way things are to the point that they forget to question how things should be.

I am speaking on the highest and lowest levels of our perception: God made the world, Santa delivers presents to every child on Christmas, taking a pill makes you better…

What notion changed within me that provoked such illicit responses to religion, humanity and the overwhelming power of cheese?

A man who lives in piss but hates the smell of vinegar? A lady who has more cats than years she has spent on this earth? Ex-neighbors who covet the condemned?

Why am I wayfaring? Wandering down a path without a set of shoe prints beside? Because she left out the door on weak legs, wells forming in lamp-bulb sized eyes.

I’ve no strength left to help! Head light with regret, heavy with the possibility.

Nothing more here than vague actualities… One-sided conversations from long long ago.


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