It’s Been A While…

The last few days have been sort of a blur. Two birthdays on only hours of sleep! After making a few dozen raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a humungous batch of Chex mix we went out for the night. It was an extremely fun time that ended at 10am after waffles and ham at a local breakfast diner, Waffle Stop.

I will probably go into more detail about the party by adding onto the party post from a few days ago but for now here are some photos of things that prevented me from blogging like twice this week :)

I had a garage sale at my house on Saturday and made $30 to get my friends birthday gifts (I am a poor unemployed fool!)

I sold the owl for 25 cents along with a pair of blue fairy wings and other items totaling over $15  to a woman who professed to all the other garage salers that she used to be a crack head. Best sale of the day!

I sold this table to my friend’s mom for $5. I bought it at a garage sale a few years ago from a friend so the table is simply continuing on its journey… Notice the rad collection of Goosebumps books… I also have at least 75 Pogs with an O.J. Slammer and plastic carrying tube!

I know I’m a nerd but please forgive me for forgetting to post my lousy blogs on four measly hours of sleep…

I’ve got more pictures I’ll post in the morning. (Some are of scary bugs! ::scream::)



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