Dead Dandelion Disco [Digital Macro Photo Series]

Summer is coming to a close but I still notice little dandelions popping up from time to time. I have always loved these “weeds” and am fascinated with their growing process. They sprout up as closed buds, blossoming into bright yellow petals, and then die, turning into delicate stems of iconic floating white seeds.

When I was young we rubbed the yellow petals on our skin to turn it yellow. We dared one another to eat dandelion stems and clovers from the yard and believed a wish could come true if you concentrated on it while blowing off all the seeds of a dead dandelion weed.

Another game we played was called: Mamma had a baby (and the head popped off) The object of that game was to recite the phrase then break the “neck” of the dandelion by forcing the yellow flower to snap off with your thumb.

I tried to grow dandelions this year so I could safely use the stem and leaves in salads but they didn’t take… perhaps dandelions are meant to grow wild and free!

As always, your impressions of the photos as well as any suggestions for other photography topics are more than welcome in the comments! I’m going to get back into writing this next week as the weather seems to be turning but always be ready for a batch of photos when the mood strikes and the light is right because in those circumstances my little Canon is usually glued to my hand!

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