The Ghost of Metamporphosis

I am almost in tears right now. I just posted a heart-felt very long winded entry and WordPress totally failed me for the first time. BAD WORDPRESS. I got my confirmation and went back to edit and there was nothing there. I tried browser back and loading all the copies you are always saving for me. It took me over two hours to write that entry because my internet and computer are so slow right now and it was the kind of entry you just don’t rewrite.

Thank you for totally messing up my day. I suppose the process of writing that entry that was the most important thing and losing a well written and important piece for my portfolio has little consequence in the hugeness of the world but for a few moments I was moved to blurry vision at the failure of technology to preserve my thoughts and images forever.

A lesson in the impermanence of things :( How I miss that beautiful, elusive entry of mine. Apologies to my subscribers… you have to listen to me whine about the perfect post that almost was :)

But seriously, it was a good one. DAMN!


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