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I went on a walk with a friend and found these old train cars. It was pretty spooky and I want to go back in the day so I can get a better view but these turned out neat and I hardly ever do night photography on this blog!

Eight blue cues revolve. Spider eyes on a fly spiraling toward suicide. Twisting inside. Maggots, golden, curly clues. Fake little ring dangles from a warty finger. I did not listen to “DO NOT ENTER!” Curiosity compelled me to try my bit of luck. But I’ve already lost a ruby slipper so I’m waiting on a […]

Demonstrators have been arrested in New York for violating a 150 year old anti-mask law so I’ve decided to go in masquerade get-up for Halloween and make a sign to use along with the costume in protests against silly laws and the over-exertion of force on the part of police against peaceful protesters. New York […]

I got the pleasure of holding down the fort this afternoon when several regular occupiers were in and out for a busy Thursday. I began putting faces to names and was surprised by how much I had in common with everyone. Among the crowd there were young idealists, and older/wiser types and a few lovable […]

Echoes of things forgotten in childhood cast from a mountain are microscopic stones thrown against winter winds. Life flourishing at the bottom. Consciousness freezing at the summit. Iron holds us at the wrists and ’round the waists. Sinking but unable to struggle! Like the nightmare I had on the hard basement apartment floor after mom […]

“YouTube… a large audience of idiots” Rebecca admits in Update! Plus dating advice video. (After calling us all sexy that seems a bit rude!) You are fine telling men what to do and how to behave but if a man said the same thing to you you would have a hissy fit! Watson gets off […]

This was a question on The Daily Post this week and it really made me think about why I was getting involved at the local level with a manifestation of this movement. People have always feared when people come together, what are they afraid of? We are the ones going into debt, losing our homes, […]

Kids play on a hill picking pumpkins priced for stragglers at the last Farmer’s Market of the year for downtown Cedar Falls. Another group will be replacing them in a few short hours. The park is beautiful and it seems like the perfect day to spend in the sunshine kicking off an indefinite camp-out right […]

*Updated 10:15 pm Oct 14, 2011 I’ve heard murmurs in grocery lines, on friend’s couches and in the posts my acquaintances are plastering on Facebook. Much of the direct communication I’ve received about “Occupy Wall Street” has been supportive. Technology has made it easy for like-minded individuals to plan together and it has made it […]

Are you kidding? Forget you WordPress. I can’t look at you right now. You make me sick.


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