Woes of the Weary Writer

Is every English major-writer-blogger just too freaking cool to admit they tire endlessly over revising copy after copy? Have they ever actually lost sleep trying to find the right words?

Sure, it was pretty easy to get straight A’s and B’s at my state college but I did work at it. I can tell how much my writing and outlook has improved since I was a freshman. I graduated over a year ago and still no sign of a job. Hello, unemployment!

I’ve been blogging for years and years with little recognition and ya know what? I don’t really care. I do this for me. I write so I can be better… not so that I don’t have to “work”. What a great reason to choose a major, because you feel it doesn’t involve real work. If you are writing correctly it most certainly takes work! You are probably like all those other English majors that made me cringe. You might even read Jane Eyre but that… is another post… altogether…

I may be blowing this out of proportion but I’m tired of reading blogs written by people apparently sitting in their underwear making money in a field I’ve been passionate about since I was thirteen AND what’s worse, they’re barely trying!

By tapping into that lazy part in all of us that just wants to spew random thoughts expecting everyone else to dote on them. That’s just not for me. The moments I spend writing are the highlight of my day. Good writing takes time, reflection, revision and much walking around with one’s head in the clouds. At least it does for me. Writing might not seem like the most laborious task known to man but it is one aspect of our existence that sets us apart from other creatures. Without language and written records we are little more than beasts.

I’ve been watching “How It’s Made” on Netflix the last few days and am amazed at how ordinary, everyday items are so complex to create yet are taken for granted. Good writing is no longer appreciated. Just because everyone can write I don’t think that makes everyone a writer. You shouldn’t write just to be famous, just go on reality TV if that’s all you want!

People started writing to leave their mark on the world. We must be careful now more than ever of the legacies we leave. If someone stumbles upon my blog in the future who knows what they will think of me. The important thing is that through new technology I was able to share my unique point of view. With everyone capable of achieving this it makes it a little less special perhaps but I just follow in a long line of humans who have tried to reach out to their fellow-man.

My online persona is a way for my real life reality to bleed into video and audio. Someone, somewhere might finally understand but reaching out is the important part, reaching out honestly, with all your might.

So, I’m sorry if you have recently written one of those articles I’ve grown to detest. The ones that praise a light-work-lifestyle that makes real writers cringe in their caskets… Do you think Emily Dickinson wrote poems just to get famous? Did Edgar Allan Poe compose Anabel Lee during the commercials between Jersey Shore segments? Did John Keats tweet Ode to a Nightin-freaking-gale? HELL NO!

I’ve been working my whole life to find an audience. I’ve also said damn it all my fair share of times. In the end, all that really matters is that I know what I’ve done and all you lazy short-cutters will never get the peace of mind that comes from digging deep down, spilling your well-informed guts on the keyboard and for the love of god, putting on some damn pants!

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