CU? Novel Writing Organization Blog Launched by BG!

I would LOVE it if WORDPRESS would STOP losing my entries right after it gives me confirmation. I always bitch about it so I can count how many times it has happened. So far this is two in a short span. Let’s hope it doesn’t crap out when I start writing my novel…

Commenticus means invented or fictitious and Ungaikyo is a type of Japanese ghost or spirit that specifically results from a mirror turning 100.  It is a spirit known as a tsukumogami. I am starting a project that draws from the world as a mirror but also relies heavily on invented or imaginative elements.

*FYI posting over 2,000 words per day at CU might interfere a tiny bit with BG and PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL but it shall be so worth it, and I will make it up to thee with 25 days of wonderful posts starting DEC 1 and lasting til that day we all stuff our faces and wrap boxes with brightly colored shiny paper… I will make each one a gem, I’m sure.

Then? A freaking break people! I wrote almost every single freaking day this year so far… except when I cheated and used a bunch of pictures… Then 2012 can begin with a new year’s resolution: publish the beast or get a real job :(


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