Occupy Iowa Photos–Cedar Falls–Day 2 [Camping Out]


3 thoughts on “Occupy Iowa Photos–Cedar Falls–Day 2 [Camping Out]

    • It started out at about 50-200 (sources vary/throughout the day) for the original rally on Saturday. There are now more tents than in these photos (from a few days ago) I would guess at least a dozen (with many housing more than one protester/rotating protesters) and the Facebook page has grown considerably (almost 300 members plus more in person/email support) We are getting coverage on news stations and blogs. We are continuing to add people and organize.They even opened an account at Veridian, a local credit union under the group’s name so people can contribute if they can’t stay due to work or school. We are all putting signs of support on our cars, homes and in our yards. The 99% are planning on staying for the winter it seems. I commend them and really want to stay at least one night to show my support!


      • I forgot to mention this is just our small town there are a few other towns in Iowa participating in their areas and we are currently coordinating with them to make a large meeting :) Ours is a pretty small town so it is a good turnout that is growing. There was an earlier, larger turnout at the capital in Des Moines that resulted in some arrests (curfew violations) but ours has been completely peaceful and arrest free :D



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