What’s your opinion of the occupy movement & 99%?

This was a question on The Daily Post this week and it really made me think about why I was getting involved at the local level with a manifestation of this movement. People have always feared when people come together, what are they afraid of? We are the ones going into debt, losing our homes, getting useless overpriced educations and dying without healthcare reform. Those in power own our means of production, they sold them to China and exploit our natural resources and people. If the 99% ever realized they could take the power back we could start to rebuild a respectable society but we have to act before our liberties are totally robbed and we have no more choice.

I have been covering a local movement in my area and I can tell you most of these people ARE working or they are looking for jobs like myself after being layed off or graduating college. The people of Iowa marched because they don’t have a voice, even as the first state to have a primary. The media twists the issues and people don’t talk together as communities. Those of you who oppose the 99% have you even tried to listen? Not every protester is going to make complete sense but the collective effort of getting the government’s attention is what we seek. Our demonstration was completely peaceful and in cooperation with local authorities which was frowned upon by some… you can’t win with some people! We tried to address that specific issue. Everyone is trying to divide us, label us and dismiss us before even listening to us! We tried to come up with a few major points we could all agree on. Here is that initial list:

*Ending the military industrial complex (end wars, bring troops home)
*Ending corporatism (get money out of politics and government)
*Overhaul of social issues (education, health care, housing)
*Jobs (infrastructure)
*Environmental responsibility (sustainability)

I took photos and participated in the solidarity committee. Yes, that’s right our protest was run like a committee meeting, point of orders and all. We need to have civilized discourse and our compartmentalized worlds don’t allow that naturally so we are occupying PUBLIC space to share our thoughts. At least we are doing something and not just complaining. We are trying to come to a consensus, however long it takes, so we can tell our politicians what we want.

In order for that to work those politicians can’t be swayed by corporate powers. The invisible hand of big business has its fingers in all our affairs from war to health care to education, EVERYTHING!

Please join a movement if you have an idea and try to make the best out of this life. It does no good to blame others or label people into categories and political parties!

Occupy Overman! Cedar Falls Joins National Movement: https://blastedgoat.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/occupy-cedar-falls-overman/

*Solidarity is the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group with people and their neighbors. It refers to the ties in a society – social relations – that bind people to one another. The term is generally employed in sociology and the other social sciences. –Wikipedia

7 thoughts on “What’s your opinion of the occupy movement & 99%?

  1. Big business is for the most part a good thing, and their efforts have made our lives better and more convenient. When businesses begin to do harm, however, society needs the power to stop them. We seem to lack that power, true, but could it be simply because most people are not voting, not actively participating, not writing their representatives in support or opposition of policies? Moreover, shouldn’t we support with our money only companies who act ethically?

    Shouldn’t we (the so-called “99%”) stop making excuses and start doing our part collectively, making some sacrifices when necessary? Protests are what we resort to when nothing else works. I think that we haven’t tried hard enough as a whole to take responsibility and fix the problem ourselves.


    • I agree that more should be done by the average citizen and luckily my local chapter is taking time to educate people on things they can be doing besides just protesting. We are strengthening community ties and that is just one positive result that can come from these actions. I don’t so much condone the violent demonstrations or people who don’t do a fair share of work. Thanks for responding, you’ve given me much to think about! Educating people on how to better spend their money and to question where products come from is a good start, it does no good to send all of our money off to China :( I am trying to make personal sacrifices and I think many 99%ers are doing the same. We need more sensible people like you and less of the greedy, ill informed.


      • If what you say is true, then that’s wonderful! Hopefully all of the rallies are being as productive and positive as your local one is.

        Random thought. An excellent thing to do, if it hasn’t already been done, would be to set up voter registration booths at every protest site and to strongly encourage each and every member at the rally, if they aren’t already, to register to vote.


        • Great suggestion! I will bring that up. Thanks for reminding me that I need to switch my registration so I can participate in the Republican primary. Wish I could participate with no party association but oh well :)


      • Curious, in which GOP candidates are you interested? Me, I’m very afraid of Bachmann and Pawlenty. Rick Perry strikes me as “meh.” However, I have been keeping my eye on Gary Johnson. He seems to me an excellent person for the job, but I’m not optimistic he’ll make it past the primaries.


        • I love honest people like Ron Paul but I am open to other options. I don’t always agree with him but I know where he will stand on an issue and his personal beliefs don’t bleed into his decisions as a politician and leader. He is a Libertarian running as a Republican but many of his fiscal positions are very Republican. I checked out Gary Johnson’s website and didn’t disagree with much but he lacked a comprehensive section on education. I like his audit the Federal Reserve and reassess government’s job stance though! I was a little confused on his stance on privatization, I am not for private prisons but his drug policy is refreshing! I will look into him further and check out what some third parties have to offer. I used to vote more democratic but Obama hasn’t impressed me lately. We are finally pulling out of Iraq but it is so long overdo and that alone won’t get my vote back :) Oh, and I am also completely terrified of Bachmann, she is a total joke and I nearly puked when she claimed Iowan heritage…the town I live in of all places, yuck! I really dislike Perry, Romney and Cain because of the media hype… and most likely their ideas haha but I can’t say I am that knowledgeable beyond that… I clearly have much to think about before January!


      • Can’t believe I forgot to mention Ron Paul. Main thing for me is, especially after the Big Stinking Disappointment Formerly Known As Obama, I want someone committed to principle. Being relatively unknown, I’m not sure about Johnson’s commitment to the principles he advocates. With Ron Paul, one can be considerably more certain.

        True, I don’t think everything Paul says or does is smart, but one cannot ever say he isn’t a principled man.



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