Rebecca Watson… Scientist or Idiot?

“YouTube… a large audience of idiots” Rebecca admits in Update! Plus dating advice video. (After calling us all sexy that seems a bit rude!)

You are fine telling men what to do and how to behave but if a man said the same thing to you you would have a hissy fit! Watson gets off telling other people how to get off. She wants a more inviting community for women?… isn’t that special treatment?

In the Skepticon 3 “How to Ruin Christmas” video by HambroneProductions she admits she was drunk the last conference and fills minute after minute with jibber jabber! “I will have my own handler. That’s pretty sexy. So I immediately decided to abuse her.”

WTF is she kidding?

“I asked her for a box of condoms,  then for a pregnancy test, then a list of pharmacies that would give me plan B!”

Oh, haha you are fucking hilarious! 8 mins i still talking about nothing… “I have no conscious, it’s true!”

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (She does with four men. Hmm “token” woman much?) They get 80 thousand visitors a week. They kick my ass but I’m only one blasted goat. I’m also skeptical that Google is skewing those results :( (science/skepticism/feminism) *ANNND they have a token guy, otherwise it looks sexist! teenskepchick? Must avoid THAT one…… jeezzzus how many web

Douchebag is “not sexist” it is harmful to women (so you attribute it to males?) “I open every talk with douches!” Greeat. Douche: A mixture of water/vinegar/acid or detergent that you squirt in your vagina. Classy. I do agree with her on the marketing of products toward women…

“Inventing a problem that doesn’t exist… Women are too stupid to use shaving cream… Women’s intuition, they made it into a product.” Men have logic/reason but women only have intuition?

*She does downplay being a housewife and mother (they figure out how to make sandwiches based on something) LOL let’s everyone laugh at Rebecca.

God, do I have some pent up anger at the wannabe smart kids. You better know how to take it if you dish it out, lady. No one really threaten Rebecca though, that wouldn’t be nice or inviting to women of the community of people who aren’t idiots… that would be scientists according to Rebecca! Under absolutely NO circumstances are you to offer her coffee. She might blow the fuck up. Literally.

Scientists and Idiots
“People are actually quite smart, make a lot of money off of women.” LIKE YOU REBECCA?

Doctors used to infect women giving birth by not washing hands after dissecting cadavers. Midwives were once highly regarded but medicine and doctors pushed them out of the delivery process. Pregnancy was treated like an illness. Rebecca sees pregnancy this way (she refers to not wanting children or makes snide comments when discussing abortions. This is fine but she must realize she is influenced by old ideas about feminism, pregnancy, as well as interactions between men and women.

And to think, this all started with a man asking a woman to his room for some coffee. Some hot, late-night, Irish, coffee.


  • Excellent. This is so spot on.

    bluharmoni 17 hours ago 3
  • I think for any speaker (male or female) at these events, we should be able to question just what it is that distinguishes them from the audience such that they are the ones talking rather than listening.

    Whenever I see RW speak, I often think that surely there must be members of the audience who are more academically qualified, more interesting and more knowledgeable, and who should be speaking in her place. I personally know MANY women who should be speaking but are not even considered.

    Slossius1983 14 hours ago 2
  • {applause}. Thank you for that. Perfect summation of a very selfish, clueless, spoiled, entitled and privileged brat. The Pudgy Pink Princess in a nutshell.

    Yes, keep on making vids.

    felchgrogan 9 hours ago
  • Hurrah! Common sense.

    terminatoreggs 10 hours ago
  • Watson needs to disapear from the public skeptic/atheist scene. That’s bad PR alright…

    fairyphil 11 hours ago
  • @ejak1991 so, people who are petty, vindictive and self-righteous enough to exploit a power imbalance to silence dissent who get called out on it doing so don’t deserve it? Saying someone is a lying, arrogant, ill-educated hack whose only claim to being known is that she’s able to suck up to people who are known for merit isn’t abuse. Or, if it is, then her ‘christians stop saying stupid things . . . you executed Galileo’ is egregious. (But no one call her on it – undeserved and all)

    integralmath 13 hours ago
  • You’re doing it wrong. Has Watson failed to teach you how to be a proper woman yet? First, you make a long series of claims, and then cry sexism if people disagree.

    integralmath 13 hours ago
  • An excellent summary.

    I agree with nearly every point, for what that is worth.

    But it *is* important. Watson is single-handedly destroying bot the Skeptical movement, the Atheist movement and the Feminist movement in the same stroke.

    If the bozos who hire her for talks do not wake up soon, these important movements will become like the CFI, which is already in the gutter, gasping for credibility.

    MichaelKingsfordGray 20 hours ago 2
  • Decent video. Watson gets a lot of undeserved abuse but she does cover a large streak of pettiness with a thick veneer of self righteousness which can get pretty damn obnoxious.

    ejak1991 21 hours ago

Great to hear that people like my ranting. I am going to pick more topics to cover and bring those to you when I have issues on  my mind. I’m working on an Occupy Wall Street/ Iowa/Cedar Valley video with picture from the first two days of my local branch in the Cedar Falls occupation of Overman Park.

Let me know what you thought of this rant in the comments. Did you know about Rebbecca Watson before viewing? What do you think about her claims? Mine? What is your stance on feminism/atheism and how does Watson impact your opinion or understanding of either/both.

19 thoughts on “Rebecca Watson… Scientist or Idiot?

  1. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement?
    My website has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any methods to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d really appreciate it.


  2. I agree with this. Most women who blog on this issue seem to disagree with RW.

    I have been discussing the subject of “hitting on” with all the various meanings implied in that term. What I am told is that women are always “unsettled” when a man sexually propositions them flat out without prior introduction especially in random contexts such as the laundry room or in this case an elevator.

    So I am very curious. How do you perceive EG’s behavior? Do you think that he was outright propositioning her for sex?

    If it’s true that women are “unsettled” by such propositions then RW reaction in her initial video seems like a balanced response to something unsettling.

    Yet of course many women do not agree with RW’a initial response. So it seems to me probable to infer that most of these women are not seeing his behavior as a cold proposition for sex? But is that inference correct in your view? It’s not clear to me from reading some of these blogs which disagree with RW what they thought his behavior consisted of so I can only guess.

    So again what do you think EG did? And is it wrong to be unsettled by a cold proposition for sex? I am curious as to what your views are.

    I recently got in a debate at:

    (I argue at the very end of the comments)

    where I argue that based on the context that I think it’s highly unlikely that EG was making the kind of move that RW and others claims he was making.


    • I don’t think he was expecting sex I think he might have considered it a possibility but what’s wrong with that for a skeptic/feminist/atheist? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. If this particular case were malicious I could understand a reaction towards that particular guy but it’s no excuse to try to control all other men and women’s actions. Some girls might want to be hit on, others may want to do the hitting on… heck some girl might corner RW in an elevator and suggest rude sexual acts over cappuccinos :) I might be taken by surprise if some dude offered to show me his junk in a stairwell but I’ve worked in a library and have seen strange things go down… I for the record don’t mind getting hit on, I’m a big girl and can take care of myself. If not, I have a brother, a dad, and a grandmother that will beat the living tar out of any guy that dare cross me :D


      • Oh maybe he did think it was a possibility. But something that happens slowly and if the chemistry is right. I always thought it was rude to proposition out right just because do many women say so. Although I wish they would say it’s okay if they don’t think it’s bad. But in this case it does not appear to be what EG did. I wander where you personally draw the line. Are flat out politely phrased propositions for sex to strangers rude? I am guessing your opinion is “no” and yet I find that surprising. Is that an unusual opinion?


        • I don’t like rudeness but if I was asked nicely back to someone’s place and I liked that person well enough I would at least consider or maybe ask some follow up questions to get a clue as to where it might go. It is case by case really but I’ve thought about walking up to someone to randomly tell them they are attractive and I’d like to get with them but sadly I am shy so it’s never happened haha but I think it would be awesome if a nice/attractive person did it to me :D Things usually don’t happen like that in Iowa unless you are at a bar and that can be questionable depending on how many drinks you’ve had ;P The shortest answer? If the right guy/gal came and swept me off my feet and I didn’t have a significant other? Sure, I might have a roll in the hay lol only live once right?


      • Sweeping a gal off their feet is a dramatic gesture. I know that I would like to have one night stands. One problem is that often when I do go out I never find women that that I find sexually interesting enough. It takes a certain degree of maturity and sophistication and depth for a woman to exude a sexuality worth making that roll in the hay. I suppose a certain sort of unaffected sweetness could be desirable as well. However when I went out clubbing last night none of the women fit those descriptions. They are rare find at dance clubs I suppose. Which kind of puts me in a bind since anybody I’d want to have a one night stand with would also be someone I’d want to be in a relationship with.

        All the women at that club seemed to be weirded out by the idea of guys hitting on them with ANY kind of attention. I got weird looks just for asking gals if they wanted to dance. There was this one girl ON the dance floor and she tells me self righteously through blasting music “I’m having an intimate conversation with my friends.” Wow, Seriously, these are not the kind of girls I’d like to sleep with anyways.

        For a long time I’ve believed women think it’s wrong for men to invite them for sex. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the women who complain about guys hitting on them for whatever whether it’s sex or a relationship are really sort of inane creatures like these women I encounter at clubs. What do you think?


        • Most women are insane… sorry ladies but we can say one thing and mean another and read into small gestures/comments…so for the sake of all things simple let’s get it out in the air, do or do you ever want to be “cat-called”? I always thought female empowerment meant you want equal treatment and as far as I know it is perfectly fine to come up to a guy and tell them they are sexy and you would like to dance/continue the encounter somewhere else ::wink:: so if ladies want to be old fashioned and sit back to wait for the guy to make the first move I have a hard time considering those gals true feminists. All equal or still some entitlements and gender expectations? You decide!


  3. You may have opened a can of worms, here. You may be attacked by dogmatic zealots. You may be stacked by reasonable people that you like. Some people you may not like very much may use this video for their own ends. But kudos for making it.


    • I figured it might happen but I never expected that many people to watch it haha but if it does happen, so be it! I stand by what I said and thank everyone who has supported it so far. I think those kind of people (dogmatic zealots) will lash out at anything they don’t understand but hey, it only gives me more fuel and reason for standing up against the man… or “woman” as it were :D As for the reasonable people? I will still like them if they disagree, I welcome challenge as long as it is founded. I only claim to be a smart-ass you-tubing blogger… not too much credibility with that job description. Throw in a worthless English degree…haha in other words I’m just glad to get people thinking! Thanks for checking out my posts and commenting :)


  4. First of all: my stalking. I found this via Franc Hoggle’s post where he referenced your Youtube video. I linked to your blog through your Youtube channel. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us begin.

    I am not one for making comments on videos or blogs. I do however have issues with the feminist invasion of atheism. I made a general comment about Watson in particular on Youtube. This is about the feminism issue in regard to atheism.

    The two are different topics. They are not at all related. Except if you take Karl Marx’ idea that the first step toward the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion seriously. But that is a misunderstanding of what atheism is. It is not a proactive movement; no atheist, worthy of the title, is trying to de-convert the religious. Atheism is a statement about whether or not someone believes in a god. It does not include the will to remove the beliefs of others. A lot of people seem to think so — both atheists and theists alike.

    Women feminists believe (there’s that word again) that men are out to get them. They are under the impression that men are evil because they’re men. There are evil men out there — just as there are evil women — but it does not follow that just because some men are evil they are evil because they’re men.

    I don’t want to make this into a long rant you won’t read. I hope you catch the gist of it.

    Thank you for making this video where you clearly show us you are able to think for yourself; independent people are what you get when evolution works out.

    If you want to discuss this with me over email, you may do so.

    No, English isn’t my native tongue.


    • I would never guess that last part! You communicate well (better than most native speakers) and I agree with you completely. If you don’t mind me asking what is your first language? I only know bits of Spanish and French. I mean bits, like how to say “hello” and “backpack”…that sort of thing!

      I usually don’t make rant videos but something bothered me about Rebecca and the more I saw the less I could ignore it! I am amazed by the response and I love hearing what people have to say. So rant away :)

      I am not for changing anyone’s religion. I don’t believe what I did when I was Christian but I’m still a good person, maybe a better one. I came to that decision after looking at facts and within myself for answers. It took a long time and I still don’t pretend to know more just because I came to that conclusion for myself. Religion can be comforting to some and it is no different than how Rebecca uses feminism, atheism or skepticism. She doesn’t seem to fully grasp the concepts so she hangs on to traditional ideas and lashes out at the wrong people for the wrong reasons in the wrong ways. I wish I had nicer things to say about her but I suppose the truth will set her free. Too bad she won’t acknowledge it!

      Thank you for your interest, we should definitely correspond. I’m always looking for intelligent individuals to befriend and/or debate haha.


      • Xon is right on.

        I usually don’t make rant videos but something bothered me about Rebecca and the more I saw the less I could ignore it! I am amazed by the response and I love hearing what people have to say

        You dont know the half of it.. a bunch of vocal ‘gender feminists’ are trying to hijack the atheist movement and impose their faux morality on the rest of the group. Your observations on RW are spot on, and its actually so obvious that I shouldnt really be commending anyone for seeing through it :-). I didnt know about the Johnny depp episode (I have no stomach to watch any more of her videos or blogposts), but thats just the latest instance of her lack of empathy.

        Thanks for researching and speaking out.


        • Thanks for commenting :) I didn’t know the extent of the RW/feminist problem! I thought is was very obvious and the lack of videos calling her out was what made me go for it. I always grumble to myself and to my friends but they get tired of it so I decided to let Rebecca have it online and people are loving it. I am loving that. I live in Iowa and am not a girly-girl or raging feminist… RW just offends my womanly sensibilities!


      • Hejsan! I am not Spanish or French. I am Swedish.

        Thank you for agreeing with me.

        They say most people here here are atheists. I’m not so sure — religion, in the form of the Swedish church takes a firm grip of everyone at birth making them members without consent. When you turn 18 you must pay for this membership (they call it tax, but it really is a membership fee). To quit you must act on it and send them a letter explaining your reason for not wanting to remain a member. Most people are still members though, like 80-85 % of Swedes.

        My decision didn’t come on my 18th birthday. I thought about it long and hard and finally decided that my reason was that I never believed in any gods and saw no reason to remain a member of an organization promoting the idea of one. The typical skeptic’s position I would guess. I sent in my letter of resignation some time after I turned 25.

        Back to Watson. She seems to have a great problem with people not agreeing with her. She is obnoxious and just calls them idiots (or equivalent) for this. If she would listen to what they had to say instead of just shrugging it off with some “Christianity — spare me the nonsense of your god and your Jesus, it’s just hidden misogyny I have no time or patience with it. Idiot!”. She also seems to hold the same grudge against men in general, simply because they are men.

        Clearly she’s into men as she used to be married to one. She is no longer appreciative of them it would seem. She instead regard men with derision even though she is “supposed” to adore them.

        I could go on.


        • Sweden is fascinating! It would be strange to think of that happening in the U.S. but religion controls our citizens in different ways I suppose. I don’t think the Bible should be interpreted literally or have anything to do with running a country but I won’t mock someone who chooses to read it. I have read it and think you must be informed about it even if you don’t believe in it. In fact, the absence of belief often increases the knowledge you are able to accept about the subject. That is why true science is a good basis for understanding.

          When you rely on trite arguments and have no crucial additions to make (like Rebecca) you can’t claim to be spreading science. The more we learn, the better we are. Any dogma that stifles discovery and free thought should be avoided in my book. Feminism doesn’t always seem to work out the way it wants to for the people it claims to set free. So Rebecca isn’t a Christian but she still buys into most traditional stereotypes of women and worse, she offers herself as a blemished example of flimsy-feminism and calls “oppression” and “objectification” on anyone who asks for sources.

          I once heard that Rebecca met her estranged husband in much the same manner she called out the random “coffee guy” but I have not confirmed that, but how fitting would that be? I did find that photo of her getting money in her shirt on her Facebook profile. All pictures open to the public? Yeah, that’s an attention whore!


  5. Quite a can of worms, but an excellent video, blastedgoat. If I had a Youtube account, I would upvote it and say so there. There isn’t much to say about Rebecca Watson that she has not already told you herself through her words and actions.


    • Thanks for your input! This video got more response than my usual uploads and I thought people outside of YouTube might appreciate it. I doubt Rebecca will ever respond but at least I got it all off my chest… I feel better :)



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