Occupy Cedar Valley: Photo Update OCT 20

I got the pleasure of holding down the fort this afternoon when several regular occupiers were in and out for a busy Thursday. I began putting faces to names and was surprised by how much I had in common with everyone. Among the crowd there were young idealists, and older/wiser types and a few lovable eccentrics. I would like my audience to know that I count myself as part of all three of those groups. I spent some time by myself at camp today but a great group of people came before long and we shared delicious food provided by fellow supporters and had great conversations that can hopefully continue in the near future.

But I will get on with the photos of camp… I took these when I was mostly alone on a hill, in a park, in the middle of town. It was beautiful. That is right where our movement needs to start, out in the open, battling the harsh climate, together.

If you want to know more about Occupy Cedar Valley or the movement as a whole please check out our Facebook group: Occupy Cedar Valley.


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