National Novel Writing Month

So far, so good! I’m about to go out of town for a few but I’ve completed over 7,000 words already!

Novel in progress: Flickering Projections @ Commenticius Ungaikyo

Author info: see blastedgoat

Brief synopsis & excerpt: Flickering Projections (novel info will be expanded)

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from Chapter 2: (Checking the Map)

“I never even had a boy inside my house before last night,” These were the first thoughts I had upon waking. I turned over on my peace frog sleeping bag quietly trying not to wake the boy sleeping in my closet. The warm colors of the sun began licking the corners of sky exposed in my bedroom windows and my mind was full of questions.

I didn’t want to wake Rome yet. He looked exhausted when he finally collapsed and started snoring. I was worried he would wake my dad before I had time to explain, to come up with a plan. I let him rest now, he traversed the wilderness to get my help but how will we convince my father to let me escape the community walls? How would I explain Rome himself? I never mentioned him to my dad in fear he would tell me to stop contacting him. I felt like I already knew Rome completely and yet, last night, I was shocked by the stranger standing at my door.

That stranger was now asleep on his side on a pile of clothes I’d outgrown and a mix of pastel stuffed animals and throw pillows from the couch. I crept out of the small walk in and yawned pulling up a map of the community on the room monitor. It was shaped like a long rectangle. The center was designated downtown. It contains the capital, academies, Robotix, nearly every amenity a citizen could require. The districts were numbered 1-2,000 with the odds going down one side of the rectangle-fenced in infrastructure. We were fortunate to live so near to downtown, especially after losing mom. These spots were reserved for important members of society. Numbers 1-400 were considered very good but 500-800 was not much worse, except for longer commute times and slightly smaller apartments. Anything over 1,000 was quite a ways out and were generally assessed to menial workers and other less desirable citizens. The Community Hospital was the last address, beyond it was a brick wall and patches of woods. “If we could make it to the 600 block I could say goodbye to ROX44FOX before we leave Comnet. She might be able to help me find a way into the hospital–”

Start your novel today! Also check out the script writing challenge in April…

I know I will :D


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