What’s the Deal with Facebook? Batch Photo Tagging for Idiots

::Does the best Jerry Seinfeld impression she can muster:: What’s the deal with photo tagging? I was just uploading these photos to Facebook (I seriously almost typed Fecebook LOL) and I prefer doing it the old fashioned way. Yep, downloading them to my computer then uploading them via Mozilla Firefox (LOVE).  Then what happens? It takes forever to get ’em on Facebook in the first place (old versions of flash are not so flashy on an XP with a laughable processor and video card) and THEN they (FB) have the gull to do this crazy zoomy ninja tag thing on me and make me embarrass the kindly people who are still good enough to be  seen with me, let alone still let me take pictures of them…

Why is Facebook so freaking stupid and why for the love of cheese are all these internet giants changing their sites completely around (this means YOU, YouTube!) Sometimes change is amazingly necessary but sometimes (more often than not) it is irritatingly useless…

Then again…

Please be patient while I recover from writing over 2,000 novel words today :) I thought you might be interested in how many words per chapter I’ve creamed so far ::shakes fist:: I’ll see you tomorrow novel! I’ll Shakespeare the hell out of your ass (AKA make up words, marry a much older woman and rip off stuff from other famous crap…)

Prologue: 2058
Chapter 1: 2700
Chapter 2: 1509
Chapter 3: 955
Chapter 4: 630
Chapter 5: 1477
Chapter 6: 1107
Chapter 7: 1571
Chapter 8: 811
Chapter 9: 2236
Chapter 10: 2650



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